The Great Bannerlord Mod Ideas Thread

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I would like too see "Sayazn" mod or any other created by creators of it. I think it was the best warband mod ever in many matters.


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SturgiaStrong said:

Wow im glad they are taking their time.


Has anyone talked about making a Brytenwalda/ Viking Conquest style mod? Not just suggesting it, but actually preparing for it?

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I'll be looking at some point for a PW style mod for butterlord. Should be fun, although with the time of the EA and the lack of tools we'll have... will be a while lol.


There was a great Lord of the Rings mod in Warband, if it gets released for Bannerlord with the same quality I'll be glad to play it.
FBohler said:
There was a great Lord of the Rings mod in Warband, if it gets released for Bannerlord with the same quality I'll be glad to play it.
I'm not sure if they are the same guys who made the Warband LOTR mod, but check out Kingdoms of Arda on modb, it kind great so far.


Stronghold Mod

Similar towards Persistent World in Warband except you can gather Wood, Stone and Iron for building Structures, Weapons, Armor and Siege Stuff. Plus Farms and certain items like Bronze, Silver, Gold , Spice for Trade and usage.
All the Eight Factions have different types of Weapons, Buildings and troop types along with the locations having a vast quantity of a useful resource while it may have a lack of a certain resource depending on the Region.

It may hold 400 player servers or it could be commanding bots while you are lord. Of Course maps can be large so you can hide your kingdom and villages. 
Might be ambitious project but I think it could be done.  A Reference look at Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader.
Considering how inaccurate the equipment ended up being, I'd really like a mod like the original 1257 AD, with factions and tournaments made to be more historically plausible without changing it to Europe

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I'd like to see a multiplayer mod where all the things I consider bad are implemented. Like unbreakable shields, stamina sprinting and so on. And it shall be called the garbage mod for garbage people. :razz:

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Oh yeah to be honest I'd like see: a Fire Emblem total conversion.
Diablo II total conversin and Gothic total conversion.

And I am working on something myself, but as I am still a no-name in the modding community, I wouldn't dare to really talk about it until I I actually have considerable amount of progress to show.


Seven Samurai mod based on Kurosawa's self-titled movie. Basically an invasion mod where as a samurai you control a small group of peasants.


Total conversions, such as:
- Feudal Japan
- Brytenwalda
- Guy Ritchies King Arthur /s
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