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Suggestion for new beta patches.

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Cześć i'd like to suggest some key changes to the game. Which could spice up many aspects of this beautiful game.

Changing the fleeing level of units on the battlefield. It seems to me that the enemies are fleeing too quickly during the battle. It is not enough that it is a simplification even though sometimes you don't win and the units start to run away. This is still a problem when the units start to run in all directions, you have to chase them all over the map and friendly units usually cannot catch them, which means that they gain level more slowly. It often follows that we attack 10 bandits, we kill 5 because 5 escape from the battlefield. This is cumbersome and can easily be corrected.

2.Faster ability to acquire elective skills. In general, leveling up in the game is not very demanding, but acquiring selected skills is terribly difficult, not intuitive and often difficult to understand.

3.More bandits and various random opponents in the game. Hitting regular bans and robbers is boring, depending on the map zone, I would suggest introducing various mini-bosses and local gangs (with more history) from which new equipment could be dropped that cannot be bought in cities.

4.The ability to build or visually improve your estates (including the lord's chamber, workshop, facilities outside the walls and within the walls of the castle). It would introduce more interactivity and some deeper and bigger goals in a game that is all about killing and looting. Examples: Barracks - could be used to recruit and upgrade units from the city level. Buildings during the siege. The visual elements of the city (fountains, the player's monument could be an interesting thing generated based on the selected character) Additional equipment for walls. etc could be a great idea. I think if you would like to introduce him to life, you can ask the community and it will be more creative.

5.More opportunities to develop your clan and kingdom. Creating Lords from Your Clan (not Units) Keep your castles with your mate. More opportunities to interact with them, because they are at level 0 so far. Noble titles, creating families with the Redeemers. Kingdom system choices expanded. They are there, but they do not affect the gameplay in any way, apart from slight changes in the detection of influence or derivers. If you are right, the Royal Guard system adds 80 slots per unit. But she might add on top of that really supplying a branch or castle with royal guard troops. And so with all systems it is possible to dominate.

I still have many ideas, I will share them on a regular basis so as not to bore everyone reading.
I apologize for my English, if there are any errors, I write with the translator and I may make a mistake without noticing it.
I think the changes I have proposed will greatly improve the quality of the game. You know all things can be fixed with mods, but I don't really know if I want my game to have 128482934 mods in one session so that everything is fixed. And my laptop is burning from below when I start the game. This can be fixed, tweaked or added by developers who have taken the game seriously recently and are taking big steps to make it shine slowly.
Love for everyone M&B maniacs <333333
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