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gameplay suggestions

  1. Ozmono

    Inter-party training battles.

    What I'd like? I'd like the ability to train my troops with my own troops. I'd like to be able to have a practice fight with my troops. Experience, the occassional death and wounded as a result. How I imagine it? I imagine a button or way on the campaign map to intiate a sort of "custom...
  2. Ring indicator around battles on campaign map to show who will be involved in a battle

    When I get into a battle on the map and some lords are JUUUUST far enough away not to be in range of the battle its frustrating. If I knew exactly the reinforcement range of ally and enemy armies, it could make the gameplay much more interesting.
  3. Locre420

    Suggestion for new beta patches.

    Cześć i'd like to suggest some key changes to the game. Which could spice up many aspects of this beautiful game. 1.Changing the fleeing level of units on the battlefield. It seems to me that the enemies are fleeing too quickly during the battle. It is not enough that it is a simplification...
  4. Assassination

    An assassination mechanic would be a great addition to the game. Currently, in Bannerlord the only way to kill a Lord is through battle, (which is based on chance more than anything) and that of executions. There should be a third system that allows for another way to kill other heroes (albeit...
  5. Battle overhaul

    Took a break at 1.5.6 and recently came back. Its nice to see it has improved a decent bit hope it keeps up. Now that I said something nice time to tear into it. Battles get repetitive and boring as ****. This is because it still uses the same system from the original M&B where there was...
  6. some ideas to make an organized (and unorganized) retreat a possibility, and to bring some more tactical nuance to battles

    Retreating is a delicate balance. Because if you were allowed to retreat always by just leaving the field, you could practically never lose a fight because you would only fight battles you were sure to win. But on the other hand, if retreating is not an option at all you are forced to lose your...
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