SP Native Medieval suggestion about music pack: witcher 3 music soundtrack

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I want to make a request about some music pack that add or reemplace all the native music with ones from witcher3 or divinity origibal sin, etc, but mostly those frome skillega and valen songs are my favourite and want to hear them while im leading my army of poor peasants, looters and vile beggars for all over calradia, i hope that im not the only one wanting for something like that.(some total conversion into witcher world would be great but i dont want to ask so much)
I think copyrights arent a problem, i see a lot of music mods with one witcher3 song and others from many games.
Sorry if i broke some rule, i already see the rules, i think this post is legit, and already searched for some simillar request and didnt found nothing.
🐺Thanks in advance to who are reading this 🐺
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