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Narf's Men at Arms pack Atlas'

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Sergeant at Arms
I am building some 2048 texture atlas' to combine Narf's men at arms pack and I thought I'd share. I've only finished the aketon models so far, I added some texture variations so there's white, red and black and I altered the UV maps of some models so you can have halved and quartered aketons without using more texture space. I've also split the coif models so that there's one piece that is part of the body armour and one part that is part of the helmet, this seems to avoid the coif floating around or clipping in game. Coif's in all colour variations. I did forget to upload the helmet part of the coif in this pack, I'll include them with a helmet atlas later on.


I removed the lace parts from the jack-chain model as I'm not using an alpha channel on this model, but I've included the layered .xcf files I'm working with so it should be easy to revert to the old model if you like. I've also included a base file which has the white aketon textures so it's easier to create new colours. Spec texture but no bump map and no intention to make a bump map currently.

All credit to Narf. Apart from a little credit to Igorbb, I used his mail texture for the mail coifs.

I've made 65 combinations of aketon (first picture) so far from one texture file but I didn't include them all in this upload as I don't imagine anyone really wants that many. Theres a brf of a bunch of them already combined and one file of the various submeshes for making whatever combos you feel like. Currently not sure if I'll re-map the LODs that Narf included in his pack or just auto-compute lods in OpenBRF
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