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  1. SP Other Introducing Tunes of Calradia!

    Hey fellow Calradians, I am very happy to announce Tunes of Calradia - the very first Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord music expansion mod! We all know and love the unique medieval atmosphere of Bannerlord, and few elements support this experience as much as the lovingly composed background music...
  2. Resource Browser Scene Editor Music modding documentation request

    Hi. Can the modding community get a piece of documentation regarding adding music to the game? It's hard to figure out how it works in-game. If developers can explain it will help for sure.
  3. diazmanu03

    SP Native Medieval suggestion about music pack: witcher 3 music soundtrack

    I want to make a request about some music pack that add or reemplace all the native music with ones from witcher3 or divinity origibal sin, etc, but mostly those frome skillega and valen songs are my favourite and want to hear them while im leading my army of poor peasants, looters and vile...
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