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Please add a seige equipment set to the character inventory screen.
easiest way to implement would be to have the normal screen as default and make the weapons/armor located in the slots in the siege screen overwrite the normal ones in case of a siege battle if there are any.

I know this has been discussed in the past but it would be a good quality of life improvement.
i still forget to change my lance for a one handed sword or axe before a siege and it is slightly annoying every time.

this would also make it easier to have a light crossbow for field battles and a heavy one for siege battles.
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This is a great idea. I keep shield and sword for hideouts and aaaalways forget to swap them out.

Now a two handed axe will deal with a bandit chief fine. But there's always that annoying lucky blow when you accidentally miss your one-shot.

I also like to run lighter fancier looking armours for tournaments. But that probably isn't an essential.
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