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  1. Need More Info Crash when dragging an item from one character's lot, then click Q/E to switch to another character

    Summary: Crash on inventory menu with gear slot items (sword in this case) How to Reproduce: When you hold your mouse on an item and put it in a character's slot in the inventory menu, and you use Q or E to move to another character, it will result in an immediate crash. Have you used cheats and...
  2. SP - UI Mark item as favourite

    If we could have an abiltiy to mark some of the items as favourite in a favor to unable to sell and discard it that should be huge win. It would make sense mostly when you have multiple weapons for example some of them for sieges some of them for battles or just save these for your companions in...
  3. niekdegrijze

    siege equipment set

    Please add a seige equipment set to the character inventory screen. easiest way to implement would be to have the normal screen as default and make the weapons/armor located in the slots in the siege screen overwrite the normal ones in case of a siege battle if there are any. I know this has...
  4. Need More Info Rescue Kidnapped Daughter Quest - Unable to Access Daughter's Inventory or Set as Party Leader after Hiring

    Summary: I started the Rescue Kidnapped Daughter quest, found and entered the village, let her go, left the village, re-entered the village, then took her on as companion. After this, she can be seen in my party list and clan list, but cannot be seen in my inventory screen or set as a leader of...
  5. Matthew.J

    Resolved Completely broken UI icons in the inventory

    Summary: Graphics of UI in inventory screen are completely broken. The UI works and the buttons are where they should be I just can't see a thing. How to Reproduce: No idea. It started a couple of versions back (IIRC 1.6.something) after I migrated to a new PC with a different OS (the old PC ran...
  6. TheLordOfTheDiamond

    SP - General Better visuals in dressing room

    I think we could have better visuals when operating in the inventory. For example, when I select a helmet, I would like to see the character in a close-up. This would allow me to see/appreciate the features of what I am wearing. Similarly, when I change boots, I would like to see a close-up of...
  7. Viking2419

    Resolved In e1.5.8 Beta, Inventory, trade and party menu buttons images keep loading forever.

    In e1.5.8 Beta, Inventory, trade and party menu buttons images keep loading forever.
  8. Resolved [1.5.4 Beta] Inventory for Nogand, Varic when they are not in my party

    Summary: I was going through the inventory screen for all my companions when Nogand, Varic and the entire sibling's names are also in there. However, they are not in my party at all. How to Reproduce: After rescuing Nogund, Varic and the entire sibling from the bandit hideout. Media...
  9. Resolved 1.5.4 beta - Inventory screen uses 'character' screen order (including out of party companions, infants, etc)

    Inventory screen (including 'trade' in town) - names include companions not in the party, including unavailable infants. The order of names is the same as the Character screen, not the Party screen.
  10. NamFlow

    SP - UI [✅ IMPLEMENTED] Inventory screen ― Choose a companion

    I'll keep this one short, shouldn't be hard to implement I believe. Currently, in the inventory screen, you have to click through (via left/right arrows) all companions in you party to select the one you want to check and upgrade. It would be great to be able to select companion from a list...
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