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When a party or an army is in the field, I would suggest, that they have the option to set up camp, for a short time, similarly to siege camp. (a lot shorter time)
There a player can take a walk around the camp, as in Viking Conquest, however there would be an important other option to spend time training the new recruits. The training may be similar to the training camps in Warband (or the village quest), you pick a fight with your troops, and if you win, they gain xp. This is the traditional option, however it is slow and cumbersome, so if you have better ideas for the actual training mechaninc, I would be glad to follow. (Perhaps throwing in your companions in the fight, to make things faster?) The option to train troops will be limited per time, and after the certain number of fights have been had, some time will automatically pass and you would be able to train again. This is a sort of a portable training camp, to make things easier. I personally am not a fan of training my recruits with looters and such, besides, this training camp may be used by the AI and then there will be no more lowly recruit swarms in the armies. There is a saying: To lead untrained people to war is to throw them away; so please, give us a chance to train our new green recruits.
Furthermore there may be an option to send hunters (available only for archer/skirmisher unit types), who will bring meat and fish, the quantity of which will be depending on the season; also an option to send scouts (available only for cavalry unit types), which will significantly increase your visability range, however some of the scouts may not return, if there are enemies nearby. The sending mechanic may be similar to the one in the village quests.

These are my thoughts for now. Thank you for making a great game, Taleworlds! Please continue improving it!
Kind Regards!
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