1. [KotF] Kingdom of the Franks - NA/EU - *Recruiting*

    Greetings Warrior of Calradia, We would like to welcome you to a growing Mount and Blade: Bannerlord community. We are the Kingdom of the Franks. Our playerbase consists of both hardcore players from Warband as well as new, more inexperienced Bannerlord players. We welcome all skill ranges...
  2. Excesive slow training make game boring. Please training perks should be buffed.

    Quickly pints. -Training in Warband was too OP. Top tier units were too easy to reach. I am not asking this for Bannerlord. -Training in Bannerlord is practically useless. Even games like Viking conquest (warband) that had a worse training than Warband (vanilla), even Viking Conquest had got...
  3. Desocrates

    [MYR] The Myrmidons are recruiting, anyone is welcome

    About us: At the time of writing this we're a new clan, we are named The Myrmidons due to myself being a fan of history/mythology and studying it, because of this to keep with the history of the Myrmidons, some of our ranks are based on ants. What we offer: We offer training to all members who...
  4. GMBarak

    Can you please enable removal of Order of Battle and set teams with numbers like it was before?

    I really dislike this Order of Battle feature, Also the previous method of grouping troops by setting each troop type to a team number enabled setting a special "training" group. Can you please add an option in settings to remove Order of Battle and replace it with the older way to group troops?
  5. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Add the ability to train with your companion/son/daughter in a town

    Training with your companion/son/daughter can be a way to increase skill points of your own but also accumulate skill points in the future for your son/daughter for when your first player dies. Additionally, being able to train in town will encourage players to actually visit the town and not do...
  6. Desocrates

    [MYR] The Myrmidons are recruiting, anyone welcome, we offer training too

    About us: At the time of writing this we're a new clan, we are named The Myrmidons due to myself being a fan of history/mythology and studying it, because of this to keep with the history of the Myrmidons by making some of our ranks based on ants. What we offer: We offer training to all members...
  7. Ask

    SP - General Playing tavern games to level up your companion's tactics skills

    What if playing and winning matches with your companions/clan members awarded them with some tactics experience? Instead of or in addition to the relation increase you already get, since as far as I'm aware, increasing the relationship with your companions doesn't do anything. It'd be a nice...
  8. Moth_Queen

    Single player bots blocking (Multiplayer related!)

    Single player bots need to block better and feint more to prepare new/casual players for the unsufferable festival of Lvl 800 Master of Death Champions wich is multiplayer currently. I want a merciless "Division A" difficulty setting to get some passive training in my single player. Thank you.
  9. Open Training Problem

    My soldiers don't gain xp. Even my training level is 10 they don't gain xp. I deleted and download two times but it doesn't work. They can gain xp just after the wars but they don't gain in night. I can't see ''training is over'' notification.
  10. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Setting up a training camp

    When a party or an army is in the field, I would suggest, that they have the option to set up camp, for a short time, similarly to siege camp. (a lot shorter time) There a player can take a walk around the camp, as in Viking Conquest, however there would be an important other option to spend...
  11. Rogress

    SP - General Training troops for a decent amount of money via mercenaries

    There are quite a few mercenary companies roaming Calradia and they can be hired as a temporary solution to your war problems. However, real mercenaries are/were always about the money/risk balance, and if they had a contract that was low risk and high reward they would obviously stick to it...

    For god sake, I trully love this game but training the troops is just unbearable in this game. Please just add what warband already had "Training" attribute or any kind of training. Nope the perk is almost useless. prisoners recruiting is also not enough when you have 250+ army size, same goes...
  13. ZydrateTheSmoothCriminal

    More variety in troop trees?

    Curious how people feel about the current choices, I for one expected at least a bit more of an improvement from Warband. * * *goes...
  14. Rulin

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops [Suggestion] Training Dummy (Strawman)

    After reading another post about how complicated the melee combat is I came up with the idea of a training dummy with dynamic hitzones. Some of these threads describing problems with the combat system sound like it is hard for new players to hit certain body zones accurately. Everybody should...
  15. iskar

    [Suggestion] Tiered Troop Training

    Others have already noted that the absence of viable training for Troops beyond slowly autocalcing every looter party in Calradia is making the game tedious for the player and silly for the NPC lords that run around with mainly Tier 1 troops after some battles. While I realise that the "train...
  16. SP - General More ways to actively and passively train Soldiers

    What I'm suggesting is to implement several ways to actually train the soldiers in an army without sending them into actualy combat. This should take the shape of Town arenas passively training unwounded soldiers while the party is waiting in a town at a decent rate (that should be higher if...
  17. SP - General [SUGGESTION] Trainers

    Hi all, Would be nice if we could pay trainers to increase perk points, or even learn special perks, for example: Going to a blacksmith and increase Smith points or learn new parts to craft. Like the ones in Kingdom Come. And Books or other items that we use to increase them too.
  18. EXPLOIT: Player can insta-heal at the training field

    Summary: The advanced melee section of the training field allows instant healing that carries over to the world map. Conversely, damage done here also carries over to the world map. Minor issue. How to Reproduce: Get hurt (maybe jump from walls at Poros), go to the training field, grab a weapon...
  19. SP - General Please bring back traning fields and sparring practice

    Ive only logged an approximate 6 hours so far but i am find the leveling sytem to be very very slow all things considered. I used to be a big fan of recruiting a bunch of low level troops and then just take them to the trainingfield and spar with my troops till my hearts content and make my army...
  20. Resolved Quest failed for no reason

    I had the quest to train men for a town and they gave me 10 borrowed guys. I trained up 7 of them and had 3 untrained when I got a notice that I failed the quest. The notice said all of the borrowed units were dead, but they were all still in my party. I hadn't even had any of them get injured yet.
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