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Second Brytenwalda Multiplayer Campaign: The Departure of the Legions

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I hope you havnt started yet love to join you!

. Nick: Drest
. Your Favourite Nation: picts
. Your preferred Nation:picts
. Position to be occupied: Tribal Chieftan
. Position you wish to take: Tribal Chieftan


Sergeant Knight
Current Campaign Players
Note: There is still 1 places free for the Picts

Imperium Romanum Occidentalis
Dux Ripae-Marcus Clodius Ballista
Tribunus Laticlavius-Thorgil
Tribunus Laticlavius-Dowdpride
Tribunus Laticlavius-Hidude

Pictish Tribes
High Chieftain-Murtagh
Tribal Chieftain-Krisvk
Tribal Chieftain-Hrodgar
Tribal Chieftain-


JediJoshua does want to join the picts, no?
so they would only need one more if i´m right.

got your recent messages Ballista, thanx.
i´m busy as hell with moving to another place at the moment, thats why i´m not at roll20.
but no fear, i´m with you when campaign starts  :wink:


Sergeant Knight
Joshua has not been online since the 4th, so I doubt he will be back online, I have tried to send him a message but no reply because he has been inactive. That is why there is still 2 positions free.


Hi there. Can I still apply ?

Nick: Hrodgar
. Your Favourite Nation: Pict
. Your preferred Nation: Pict
. Position to be occupied: Tribal Chieftain
. Position you wish to take:Tribal Chieftain

Not open for further replies.
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