LSP 3D Art SacredStoneHead's Nord Armor Set (Released!)

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The Dark Robin said:
May I ask for this to be released as well?

I wanted to release all of what I did in the same pack, but as they are mostly practice pieces I saw so much wrong stuff that needs fixin' I didn't even bother.

The topology on the models are terrible, as well as a lot of other small normalmap and UV map issues.

Last one had a lot of issues too, I really wouldn't have published it if not out of me trying to keep at least a part of my word.

But maybe when my new PC arrives I'd give it another shot. Maybe.

Slytacular said:
Good stuff, Stonehead!

The armor seems to suit a 14th-15th century Rus warrior perhaps? I know you were going for a semi-fictional look.


It's more of a mishmash of Vendel era equipment with Visby coat of plates than proper Rus' stuff, but yeah, by taking out the Byzantine/Oriental influence from the Rus' you'll get a very Norsey vibe, can't discount their Norse origins.

fladin said:
Fantastic work , already downloaded and surely I'll use it in my mod
Thank you

You're welcome  (:


Looks amazing, especially I went for a footman army this time, but I can't get it work :sad:

I followed the instructions, put the resources and textures where they belong and modified the text files (i put them here in case you can spot a mistake, the original number of items under version was 607).

I'm using PreBattle OD mod (deployment and orders) which uses the WSEloader, maybe that's the problem? Also, the file is called item_kinds1.txt instead of item_kinds.txt, but I guess that's not a problem?


I've checked all items available in the game with the cheat mode that comes with the PreBattle OD mod, that's why I claim it somehow doesn't work for me. Do i need to start a new game for it to work?


tried to start a new game and look for them through cheats but still nothing, I need to be missing something here..
Seems you did it all correctly, the naming of item_kinds1.txt is a typo on my part and no, you don't need to start a new game to be able to get the items.

You get no errors, just the item don't show in shop?

Sometimes it takes a while for the merchants' inventories to refresh, to my knowledge a week of in-game time is enough for the items to appear.


thanks for replying!

no errors and such, I will give it a go for longer maybe it will appear - I just assumed that if I use the cheat to look up all items available (came together with the orders and deployment mod) they would include your creations (I can get stuff like the black or samurai armour), I might be of course wrong I'm quite new to mods :smile:
No problem.

Some armors are very hard to come by, specially if you have just created a character.

If the armor keeps not appearing, try editing your module troop file with Morgh's Tools, choose a lord, clean up his armor and add mine, then start a new game and see if he's wearing it in the "Notes" menu.

If it doesn't show in Morgh's list you may have modified the wrong folder, and if it doesn't show ingame there's possibly something about WSELoader reading things differently, dunno, we'll have to see.

Anyone else having problem with this?


My bad! It did finally appear. All the hassle because I assumed that if I use the 'find item' cheat I will be able to quickly check if it installed correctly or not. For some reason it didn't appear, but that might be a problem on the orders and deployment mod side of things.

My apologies. The armor you did is absolutely fantastic, especially that I just had an idea of playing nord-style footman only and it makes the experience so much better.

Fully recommend the armor, one of the best visual mods out there!


The end result is amazing! I waited a long time to have the armor in its finished stage and I absolutely adore it.  :grin:


I know I'm a noob... but this is what it looks like on my character. Any way to fix this?



When implementing the helmet, check if the flag "attach_armature" is on. If it is, disable it and see what gives.  :smile:


They don't appear in shops anymore I think, the merchandise flag is set too.

EDIT: Nevermind that above comment, they do now.
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