1. SP - General Relationships and a Courier menu

    I'd love to see a 'Courier' menu added to the game, so that the player could receive and access messages, propositions, quests, gifts, and requests from other lords. I personally enjoyed how, in Warband, you were requested to participate in sieges and such. It further reinforced the sense of...
  2. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Relationships should be related to personality, and calculated similar to Moral.

    I like to think I'm pretty good with social psychology and if there's one thing I know is that people think about social relationships and status wrong in general. relationships are not about what happened in the past, it's always about the future. Sometimes the past helps us foresee the future...

    its annoying. i achieve convince a noble to join me and then i give him TWO fiefs wich i conquer after the join. He still hates me and the relation is -12 as always. At the end he betrayed me and go with vladia kingdom. F*** ungratefull. Idk why but i cant get new clans joining my kingdom and...
  4. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Relations with Individual Members of a Clan

    One thing that I had liked about Warband, was that you could have a "relationship" with individual members of a family; an example being... let's say Count Bob is friends with you, but his son, Count Kevin hates you: I liked how that worked, and I feel that with the games clan system, the fact...
  5. Diplomacy and marriages

    First of all I really want to say that I am glad thet Bannerlord is out and I am looking forward to playing the hell out of it when it is a proper game. That is not even meant in a bad way, I just think it is a fact that Bannerlord just is far from being a finished game. However there is a...
  6. MightyMidgit

    SP - General Marriageable Freedom, Romancing, Courtship, and Family: a complete love-life and progeny overhaul suggestion

    ~~ YOU CAN VOTE FOR ANY NUMBER OF CHOICES IN THE POLL! ~~ *** Civil and constructive discussion only, please. If you must argue with someone, take it to personal conversations. *** Currently in the game, marriage is a chore that bears very few benefits and is severely lacking in complexity...
  7. Nemesis!

    I've been playing a lot of shadow of mordor/war and I think that something like the Nemesis system would be a fantastic way to represent the leadership and changing dynamics of each faction.
  8. GG Cannon

    SP - General Why do they hate me?... :( Hatred and love relations.

    It doesn't make much sense to me why my allies in my kingdom start to hate me so much, so fast because my enemies took their settlements and I don't even get a warning about any of that. Specially so because giving them settlements does not raise our relations and them happily having a...
  9. PackMentality

    Gifting and improving relations

    Does anyone know if you can improve your relationship with Lords via gifts? Or is there a limit that needs to be met before they improve...? dropped 20k on a lord just to check but I didn’t see any improvements.
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