SP - UI Armor feedback, and a better reticle for ranged combat.

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Any chance we can get some fur collars and fur trimmed cloaks for Sturgians, as depicted in several loading screens? It always struck me as odd that Sturgia produces so much fur, yet the actual lords and denizens wear just regular cloth and fabric scarves, instead. Please add some new items. Preferably with decent stats, since so many high-tier Sturgian body armor have lousy armor for the arm. I saw some recently on Etsy, of all places (sold for larping purpose, I believe), and it blew me away how good some of them looked (the more authentic ones, anyhow). It's a shame Bannerlord doesn't have similar designs already.

The Battanians have a lot of fur (even though they don't produce half as much) items, but theirs look rough and oversized (does anyone actually like items like the Rough Bear Skin? It looks comically large.) Even the smaller ones makes it look like your character is wearing an actual animal carcass on his neck.

Something else that bothers me is that every piece of chest armor in the game looks to not cover the neck at all (especially Sturgian items, since they live in the coldest parts). They're all cut like T-shirts, no collar to speak of. As far as I know, gambesons, doublets, and the like partially covered the neck, so it would be nice if the items in Bannerlord (both battle and civilian) reflected that. Clipping might be a concern, but these underarmors are so thin, most probably wouldn't look off.
Oh, and please allow the Leather Tabard body armor to be worn as civilian clothing. It looks similar to the Layered Leather Tunic, but the added gold pieces make it look very ornamental, and there some much rougher-looking armor (Thick Brigandine Vest, for one) that can be worn as civilian clothing.

Also, I'd appreciate a new, simpler reticle option for ranged combat. I find the current one needlessly intrusive. The part of the reticle that shrinks (to indicate accuracy) could simply be replaced with 2 small, thin lines on each side, moving closer to the center reticle (similar to what it's like now). The center reticle should be a simple, semi-translucent dot. Or none at all.
I absolutely hate how the current reticle has 6 pieces to it, when the outer ones (rounded) don't seem to do anything. The 2 pieces on the top only make it harder to see a targets head and upper body.

And finally, I'd like a deadzone setting for controller, as well as a cursor speed setting that isn't tied to camera sensitivity. Not being able to lower your deadzone makes aiming and navigating menus harder than it has to be.
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