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I'd appreciate some new horse armor/barding, starting with at least 1 or 2 high tier saddles per culture. Battanians only have Scaled Armor (in the same white/grey colors to match the one single set of Scale Armor). Sturgians use generic Chainmail armor, even though they have plates and lamellar sets with their own distinct looks. Vlandians wear their heraldry on their chest, but somehow not on their horses.

These new armors could include more interesting decorative elements to match their respective cultures (such as with the horse's... face-plate? Called "chanfron", according to Wikipedia). It would be nice to have entirely new designs, but if not, just some mashup of existing sets, with some new Chanfrons, and some retextures would be an improvement. I think a caparisoned chainmail for Vlandians would be a great start.

Additionally, I'd love the option to hang my shield on the horse's saddle during combat, rather than carrying it glued to my back. For aesthetic reasons, mostly, as well as a little bit of practicality. When fighting mounted with a two-handed weapon or ranged, the shield gets in the way at times, especially the larger round shields. Also, I reckon picking up your shield with your left hand while it's hanging by your side would be a lot more practical than reaching over your shoulder to fiddle with the straps/handles while mounted.

And if armor-crafting ever comes to Bannerlord, please do include horse barding. It would be neat to have Scaled horse armor with darker colors. And I want to have a horn on my horse armor (not unrealistic).
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