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per character and player assigned

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AN per character perk auto allocation not an universal one as the one already existing, would be an immense qol


being able to designate wich perks get auto allocated once a main.player clan member gets to the next level would also be amazing ! or if possible expose the template in either an .xml or somewhere for modders..to mod it ,

now that we have warehouses please consider implementing an option to tell the garrison in castles/towns to limit troop training to tier 2 or 3 or any tier 1>4 archers infantry or melee cavalry or cavalry archers...should be easy to do.
if thats too complex just add an tick box to tell the garrison to STOP upgrading troops after recruitment / basicly stopping the upgrading of troops wether they are deposited troops tier 2 or 4 or whatever or recruited by the towns/castle recruiter...

the control over troop upgrading functionality should of been as a base game function by now :sad:
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