Notables and governors

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Notables :
should immediately support the conquering clan if the town gets conquered if that clans is independent
should immediately support the dominant clan if the town gets conquered and that clan is part of a kingdom

its silly to see the player owned fief/town notables, supporting "ENEMY/not at war' clans/kingdoms ....silly, notables should switch immediately to strongest clan in current kingdom that owns the town , not some random selection and be faster about it in ~1-2 days not months or years like it currently is facepalm...

and current assigned town governor should solve issues ( at least in player kingdom ) ,or inform and ask the player if the assigned governor may solve an outstanding 'issue in the town the main.hero is the owner and that governor is asigned by the player hence in player owned towns, not castles, with the current notification recieving an offer for being a merc for some other kingdom etc...
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