Part 10: Using the In-Game Edit Mode (up-to-date, complete)

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Having seen this thread ( from section, I was struck by the fact that for 16 years it had not been completed even though it needed little effort to finish it. Suddenly, time froze and I realized it was my destiny to close the circle and complete the topic. I felt that TW had been struggling with misfortune with Bannerlord only due to failing to finish the development of the above-linked tutorial and I was the chosen one to end the streak of bad luck of the company. Now I enter the scene to fulfill the fate.

For Edit Mode basics, Scene Edit Mode and Terrain Edit Mode, head to:, chapter 7.

For Face Edit Mode, press Ctrl + E with Edit Mode enabled in the launcher when in face generator screen. A window will appear with a hexadecimal facecode which can be copied by clicking on the pop-up box.
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