Part 10: Using the In-Game Edit Mode (Outdated, Incomplete)

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Mount&Blade has a built-in edit mode which lets you modify the game from within the game itself. Using Mount&Blade's edit mode is probably the most fun part of making a module. This section briefly explains using this feature.

1.1 Enabling the Edit Mode
Before you can use the edit mode, you need to enable it from the configuration file. In order to do that, click on the configure button after you launch Mount&Blade and find the line which says:

enable_edit_mode = 0

and change that to:

enable_edit_mode = 1

and save the file. Note that the game will run with reduced performance when the edit mode is enabled, so you may want to disable it back when you are finished with it.

1.2 Edit Mode Basics
Once it is enabled, you can enter the edit mode in the game by pressing Ctrl and E keys simultaneously. Edit mode will do different things in different screens. You can leave edit mode by pressing Ctrl+E keys once again or by simply leaving the current screen.

Edit mode will change the game's behaviour in basically three screens:
  • Action Screen
  • Face Generator Screen
  • Terrain Generator Screen
1.3 Using Edit Mode in Action Screen
Entering the edit mode in Action Screen will let you modify scene objects.   Information on scene objects for each scene is stored in a file with .sco extension that is stored under your module/SceneObj folder. You can edit these objects by going to the scene you wish to edit in the game and then pressing the Ctrl+E keys.

To be completed later...
1.4 Using Edit Mode in Face Generator Screen
1.5 Using Edit Mode in Terrain Generator Screen
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