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Dear Supporters,

as I already announced,

>>>> This WEEKEND will be the Date! <<<<<<

All those that showed apreciation will be able to play now a very stable and thrilling

New Version of 1860s Old America 1.5

-Fixed all major bugs (they were a lot, actually)
-Fixed all items and weapons properties
-Fixed all items and weapons prices
-No more ctd on some scenes
-No more crashes on some sieges
-New scenes
-New dialogs
-New items
-New shooting impact system
-New protection skills on outfits
-New skills for horses
-New system on finding and selling items
-Shootouts and Showdowns in Towns are better thasn ever now!
-Coop on a Multiplayer Lan is much improved and you can play alone vs bots
-Custom Battles Scenes and spawning points improved as well
-many other smaller issues that Best Supporters will surely apreciate
-Removed most NUDE scenes...because I Always Respect Kind Requests from my Best Supporters and having small kids around I understand their point of view!

Once again, I dedicate all this to my Best Supporters and Old Friends...the real motivator of my huge fatigue in Modding, with their Honest and Kind Comments, Reviews and RATING for my Mod!
Thx a lot

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