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Old Guard; "Game Left Unplayable"

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I am and still am one of the first supporters of Bannerlord. I'm amazed at what Taleworlds has done. The Physics of the horse reins, the death animations when you snipe a running foe and he grabs at his wound. Amazing... but that's not why I post today.

It's with a heavy heart that I say the game has become Unplayable. I'm thankful for all the siege fixes but why in gods green earth did you change the
Troop Key Sorter? and Why is it 2023 and we still cant tell our troops to use their pole arms?

The new troop sorter doesn't let you separate which troops you want to use and even if you could make a group of spearman, they all run in with their swords!

This absolutely breaks the game for me. If there is anyone out there that feels the same please bump this up... if there are any mods please don't shy away... I assure you no tactical army can function without control.

Thank you.
I agree with this, I'd like to segment my different forces. I hate giving my companions horses but because they have a javelin, for some reason, they're added to my archer formation, and end up having a horseman in the middle of my archers which results in a bunch of my archers not being able to fire. I then proceed to remove the horse from the companion, but instead of being put into infantry (he has a sword, shield, and two javelins) because he has javelins, he's put back into the archer formation, and not the Infantry formation so he's basically useless?

I'd love to be able to make my own formations such as Warband. Being able to differentiate yourself between sword-shield infantry, spearmen, archers, skirmishers, horse archers, and cavalry etc would be great.
Companions just need a drop-down menu in their character sheet where you can select where/what you want them to be, and if they should be promoted to squad leader by default.
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