1. Holy Shift

    Extortion by Deserters Quest Fails If NPC Lords Raid Village

  2. Devs, can you please remove time limit from Main Quest?

    I was preparing myself to become independent and managed to build up my city and both my castles, get 3 parties together and amass quite a bit of wealth until all of a sudden out of nowhere I fail the Dragon Banner quest after 214 days of recieving it. I went back to an earlier save and it...
  3. Vidortan

    Unresolved Kingdom Policy Fails Despite Having Majority of Votes

    When a policy is up for a vote, the majority sometimes will fail despite having more support. Why is this? I assume this is a bug.
  4. Unresolved Crashes but every crash report fails. Why?

    Ive had a few crashes, most just freeze. I have to hard restart. Windows sometimes crashes trying to ctrl'alt'delete. The game doesn't recognize those as it locks up the entire computer to hell and back. The few times my system has survived the crash, the crash report fails to condense or...
  5. J4ck_C

    In Progress Bug - Quest:"Family Feud" - Can't complete quest

    The landlord Susterios of Alatys gave me the quest "Family Feud", where i'm supposed to take his kin Joculos with me to solve an issue in the vilage of Hetania, I made Joculos walk with me inside the vilage until we reach Valaos of Hetania, Valaos wants to kill Joculos, I tell him that I am...
  6. Resolved Game fails to launch

    I cannot launch the game from my Steam account, it just doesn't start. I tried to do a lot of things. I read your support's article ( about this case and did every step you wrote down there (installed the...
  7. Launching problems

    Hello guys, big mount and blade fan here. I have issues regarding the launching on the steam platform. When i start the game Steam says its running a first time setup but after that i kinda chrashes without even opening the game. Im running .net framework 4.6, RX580 and 16gb ram, and a amd 5...
  8. Unresolved Key activacion

    Hi, I bought the DLC vikings game 10 minutes ago, I have the warband activated along with the fire and sword and the code that came to me does not work. I would appreciate your help, Long live the Kingdom of Sweden
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