North American Duel Tournament v2 Trox wins Version 2!

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Lmao this grotesque obese kid still thinks he has my personal information

Sorry to burst your bubble but some rpfags already tried calling that guys parents, kinda sad but it's not me

Remember on the other hand I actually do have your dox and I'd probably kill myself if I woke up one day looked in the mirror and saw wat you see every day

Not to mention your voice legit hasn't cracked yet and you sound like an emasculated *****

Improve your own pathetic ass self before tryina **** talk others

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Remember when Andrei was relevant to the community? Neither do I

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Mutes were issued, bans were issued, posts were edited.

I'll be clear: you can disagree with a person's point of view or idea, you are free to challenge it in a mature, constructive way.

You are not, however, allowed to insult the person himself nor show private information like names or chats.

Cut it out, and behave like adults

Thank you all

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Given that they've been trying for years with no results I think such an action may be beyond their comprehension.


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tfw he cares so much about his internet points that he cant lose a duel tournament in NA with no prize


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I was shown logs of their convo, Maximou may play vs Trox on an New York Server. If one needs to be put up let me know, currently there is the MarkMods MT NY server that can be used, just have to reach out to someone with admin(any captain of the 7v7 teams). There is no way that playing half NA half EU is allowed, if both agree to it, I really don't care, but default is an NY server vs EU players. Maximou, you signed up for an NA tourney so duel him on NA, either that or just forfeit and stop wasting my time.

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If you guys really want to play on moles NY server you are smoking crack I'm telling you right now that NY server is the ****tiest server I've ever been on so ye just set one up