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This Tourney is going to be different than other duel tourneys as of late. It is another edition of a tourney I had the pleasure in helping conceptualize and create for NA. The participants will be broken up into groups of 4 or 5 (Depending on numbers of sign ups) and each duelist in said groups will fight each other in an ft7, the top 2 will then advance to single elimination. I want to bring this back so duelists can duel more than one guy before being knocked out. It allows for people to have more fun without having a bottom bracket like in Double Elim.

Basic Rules:
  • Duels will be first to 7.
  • Duels must be fought with standard armor (Khergits aren't allowed) and without shields.
  • Hammers are not allowed.
  • Duels must be fought on medium speed.
  • Any duel between an NA dueler and an EU dueler will be fought on an NY server, unless otherwise agreed upon.
  • EU v EU duels must be fought on an EU server.
  • Duels can be fought anywhere on a map so long as both sides agree. If there is a disagreement, the duel will take place in the center of the Cage map.
  • You will have 3 weeks to complete all duels in your group
  • don't be a ****

Admin team:
  • Nevino



Waiting list:
  • TBD


Please don't sign up if you won't remain active.

I'd like to keep the tourney around 8-10 weeks(Obviously this will change depending on sign ups) This is a newer tourney that hasn't been done in awhile. I have kept a lot of the original things about this tourney, mostly because I loved this concept(Plus the art is great) and being an admin for this was great.

Shout out to the original admin team, Fehnor, Unicorn, MrNomNom, Cradoc, and Eternal. This tourney was a pleasure to help with back in 2013 and I hope to bring back fun with this new edition.

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Updated! I also added a poll for the length of the group stage. I want to shorten it to 2 weeks, but since I already said it would be 3, I won't change it unless y'all think you don't need 3 weeks to complete 4 duels.
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