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No one moving in battle

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So I've mostly been enjoying the Floris mod after recently instaling it. However, one major issue I've encountered a number of times is that no one does anything in battle. I'm in a fight as I write this post without a single worry because no one does anything!
I've joined a battle to aid a friendly lord (Sarranid) fighting another lord (Rhodok). As per usual, the Rhodoks form their two lines where they spawned, but then so do the Sarranids. As a result, they are just staring at each other from a few hundred meters, not moving a single toe. As my ally has many more troops in his band, I only have about 20 troops in the fight to use against the enemy's 50 or so. If I attack without my ally, I'll get all my troops killed. And circling in and out myself to try and bait the enemy does not work, even after killing a few crossbowmen.
Is there some way to get the AI to attack, either my ally or both sides?

Thanks for any help you could offer!

PS: I'm using version 2.54
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