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Muzzle C

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This new 30 slot TDM server is up for a public play.
Host is located in Amsterdam, server name Clan_Cameron.
Server has Nirecotive mod installed, which allows spawning with random gear. (Thanks for that awesome mod Nireco and the rest of you ZHG guys)

Rotation consist pretty much of custom scenes.
Some scenes are from CoMP - competitive map pack. Thanks for MadocComadrin for making this package.
Thanks for all the authors willing to upload their scenes for the package.
Also few scenes from Almogaver - thanks for those, i consider them classics.

Teampoint limit is set to 150
Map time 25mins.
Friendly fire on: 90% self - 10% teammate

The reason for putting up this server is to have an alternative for playing on Wolfpack_Den.
I really miss ZHG_TDM and i hope this will serve as it did.
Wolfpack_Den is a great server, but some variation is needed now and then.

I hope you enjoy the server.
If there's any suggestions, let me know.
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