New tactical Party Panel and Inventory, please

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The Party Panel
Should support military level tactical groups not like today, where I have 100s of different units but no other way to organise them effectively and they get mixed up when I upgrade troops or get new troops. I cant even sort them by class today, much less tier or faction and making them all to go into only 9 preset groups that the game then will spawn at often tactical unsound places is not my idea of fun. I have far greater ability to sort trade window from horses to food than my soldiers.

I make groups based on the expertise of the soldiers and their cost effectiveness and the danger of the job at hand. For immersions sake I also use my own faction troops for the safer jobs and the more glorious work and the other factions for more dangerous work. Last I use bandits to do bandit work and repenting looters are expected to loot flying arrows and javelins.. aka the 5th group.
Edit: At the moment I cant even see which group they are in unless I click on them first.

For the Sandbox mode the most important thing for me is nothing else than organizing my army, I dont care about the economy, I care about the lives of my men.
ding *Warbandit got +2 in charm and +1 leadership.

For tactics and immersions sake, there needs to be an effective way to organize an army.

I will not say a word about sieges, I understand they are a work in progress.

I had hoped we would have gotten an improved inventory before the release of the beta, with all the new prefixes on armor and weapons. Sorting inventory now has become a boring and tedious work,... bent iron spatha, rusty iron spatha, another rusty iron spatha BUT not the same as the former etc etc... cracked bow not cracked bow splintered arrows not splintered arrows. I cant play like this and I dont even have OCD...or CDO as some would spell it ?‍♂️
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