"New here" - NGL Error VC Balance Mod

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Not sure where I should post this and also couldn't find any solutions in forums and elsewhere. - When launching Viking Conquest with balance mod it will load 1/3 then stop and I'll receive this - ***unable to open file modules/VC balance mod/Resource/La_Grandmasters_shaders.brf***
Anyone know a solution to this? Thank you.


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It could be a damaged file. If you can, try to download again the file La_Grandmasters_shaders.brf, or download again the mod package.


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VC Balance Mod doesn't change any shaders.

Try reinstalling Viking Conquest. Then reinstall VC Balance Mod on top of it. You are free to rename the folder to something else, but you have to start with a complete and updated version of Viking Conquest, then install VC Balance Mod on top of it.
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