Mount&Blade version 0.903 is out!

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Edit: Version 0.903 is out now. I thought it would be better to just modify this post rather than start a new thread about it.

Many thanks to everyone who gave feedback on version 0.90x. We have tried to fix the known bugs so this version should hopefully be more stable and fun to play.
Version 0.903 changelog:
- Factions should no longer be at war with themselves.
- Shininess back on all armors. (A million thanks to Guspav who campaigned for this and provided fixes himself for previous versions!)
- Horse archers now dismount immediately when ordered.
- Increased chance of declaring wars.
- Various other fixes

Version 0.902 changelog:
- Pathfinding is no longer turned off when you click on an inaccessible location.
- NPC parties no longer follow an enemy without being able to catch it.
- Bandits now chase you normally
- Skill descriptions updated.
- Village improvements are now built faster.
- Leadership now reduces troop wages as advertised.
- Fixed bug with ordering to use blunt weapons.
- Fixed bug which could be causing the player party size inflating.
- Fixed bug where chargers would become invisible at long range.
- You can now rest in a village manor if you build it.
- Reading Persuasion book now correctly increases your persuasion skill.
- Fixed bug where village elder would get stripped off.
- Faction notes are now updated to reflect diplomatic changes.
- Quest for saving a village from bandits has been improved and made easier.
- If you decline a quest now, it won't be offered again that same day.
- Various fixes to scenes.
- You can now place bets in arena while watching.
- Fixed lots of text errors (special thanks to john259) :wink:
- Up-to-date Spanish localization. (Many thanks to Ana and Spanish localization team!)
- Miscellaneous AI bug-fixes.
- Several other small fixes.

Hi everyone,

Version 0.90(3) is finally ready. This version adds many new quests, a brand new map, lots of new villages and castles, books, AI improvements, gameplay changes and much more! As usual, we release this version to you, our forum community before the general public, because it no doubt has its share of bugs and glitches and with your help and feedback we hope to fix those.

I want to thank our community and our board of moderators and administrators for their continuous help and support and making the forums such a great place and the central attraction of this game project. And let me use this opportunity to say welcome and thank you to our new administrators and moderators, Merentha, Volkier, Okin, Instag0. You guys are so wonderful. I am so very happy and honored by having you on board.

All members of our team worked very hard for this version. Our art team painstakingly modeled and furnished many new and great looking environments, Cem has implemented many new features and also added some AI code at the last minute, making the AI so much more effective and fun to fight against. Tassilo keeps perfecting and polishing the sounds. And Steve not only helped this version but he will have an exciting surprise for you very soon.

Finally, many thanks to mtarini for developing the method for creating good looking mountain ranges. He has developed many great improvements as part of TLD map beautification project and has a special surprise of his own as well. :wink:

Now, if you are currently playing version 0.894, 0.900, 0.901, or 0.902 you can download and run the following patch (29.51MB)  to upgrade to the new version:
from Filefront:;9242998;/fileinfo.html
from Filecloud:

otherwise, you can download the full installer below (123.23 MB):
from Filefront:;9242921;/fileinfo.html
from Filecloud:

Please note that this version is not backward compatible with any previous version and you'll need to start a new game if you install it.

I wish everyone a great time playing version 0.903.

Please post any bug reports here:,30087.0.html
good work Amagan, can you give us a small hint on what the surorise is :smile:

god this game is always getting so much bloody better :smile:

Well I'm off to Beta test !

Mirra from Janus

torrent from me
Nice. :smile:

Will try to get a mirror up shortly... assuming I can get FileFront to load up, as it doesn't seem to be loading for me at the moment.
Wow, great awesome fantastic news!  :grin:
Thanks for that Armagan and team!

* desperately downloading *

EDIT: damn, can't get it from FileFront either...

I guess I'm going to fail in all my exams this week,  then  :lol:

EDIT: Oh, now I actually read it.

Still, a great update.
Man, Armagan, that's pretty fast :grin: I almost died when I saw the ragdolls in .894, and the new troops and armors (but the ragdolls, THE RAGDOLLS). Can't wait to try this one out! Thanks for a great game :smile:
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