Resolved Most hair and beard options missing when editing character mid-game

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No, I didn't use any mods.
Bug Description:
- I noticed this bug was listed under the "known issues" list, but on the list it is described as something like "hair and beard options disappear when resetting character customization".
- I wanted to let you guys know that the issue likely encompasses more than just the reset button, as I have encountered this issue without pressing the button at all.
- When trying to change beard or hair of the main character mid-game, I only have 5 hair options and 1 beard option.
- I experienced this issue first in an unmodded save, but I am on a new modded save with the same issue.

How To Reproduce The Bug: Start a game make it to the campaign map. Repeatedly customize your character in-game. It is likely that you will start losing hair and beard options.

How Often The Bug Occurs:
I only noticed the bug recently, but it existed during 1.5.3 and remained after updating my save to 1.5.4.

Hi, this is not a bug. It is a new feature we added to the game with the e1.5.1 version. "New "Barber" NPC added to the town centre of every town. For 100 denars, this NPC lets you decide on a new haircut. Depending on the culture of the town, these haircuts and beards can change." You can check out the patchnotes.
Thanks for your response and clarification. When I hold the ALT key, I do not see the Barber as a point of interest. Will a marker be added in the future?
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