More complex NON-dynamic lore-related quests

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Howdy everyone!

A few days ago I returned to Viking Conquest, just to bring up some old memories, y'know. And the idea came to my mind I would like to share with the devs, so maybe they could actually bring this up to the Bannerlord, making the world feel more immersive and interesting (there are big problems with that point ATM). Previously, I suggested a similar thing, yet this was more about the dynamic quests. What I suggest now is a little bit different.

So, what's the idea about, you may ask? Well, it's quite simple. In Viking Conquest, we had a set of multi-staged quests which were quite different from the dynamic ones (catch a slave, delivery cows etc). If you remember, there were quests about the banished princess in Ireland which had a band of wolf-skinned warriors. It started as a witch hunt, then you found out the true nature of the girl you were hunting, then you got betrayed by your employer with a chance to take revenge on that lord... These quests were not the part of the main story, they were sidequests, yet with their own story and the ability to choose the outcome.

What can be done in Bannerlord: we already have a somewhat backstories for each factions. So, why not making at least one or two story-related side quests for each faction? This would've added some depth in the in-game lore and also added a feeling of the real adventure, something to remember aside from endless battles and bandit hunting.

Maybe this could be connected to the throne claimants - a unique story-based multistaged quest, where you gather the supporters in the non-grinding way and this all ended up in a huge civil war? Quite the possibilities, actually.

Anyway, hope the topic will be noticed by someone of the TW team and the idea will at least be brought into one of those meetings they have. Thank you for taking time and reading this!
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