[Suggestion] Unique faction quests

How do you find the idea of adding some faction-unique quests along with the usual ones?

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Good day, everyone!

Recently, after helping another kinsman who fell victim of his anger, I thought that it would be nice to have some generic quests which would be unique to some particular faction (e.g. the player could get this quest only at the, for example, Battanian or Sturgian village/town only).

For example, a noble in Sturgia may ask player to help his kinsman who didn't choose his words correctly and insulted some warrior who is demanding to have a duel to death. Since the kinsman is a still a teenager, the noble asks player to fight in a duel instead, because that's how Sturgians settle the matters.

Or, for example, another noble in Khuzait village may ask a player to partake in a little horse race, since he wants to prove to a local lord that his horses are worth buying (besides, if you remember Khuzait villages, they are great for small horse races - there are lots of open space with almost zero trees!). Khuzaits are all about horses, right?

Or, maybe some Empire noble will ask you to persuade some guildmaster to release his banned goods because he didn't know that there are a lot of papers to be filled (it is Empire, right, so why no add some bureaucracy?).

Well, maybe my examples are not the best ones, but I hope you get my idea. Such quests would not only added some diversity in quests in general, but also helped greatly in making every faction more interesting and unique.

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