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Sorry for bad english, not my natural language..
I am Playing Mount&Warband With Fire and Swort with only this Mod, because of "Battle-continuation". I didn´t want to play without this.
The Mod from Nexus:

So the question is:
1. How to mod this in a mod? Where do i find Battle-Continuation?
More Questions about this mod and maybe get rid myself of it:
2. Marshal election is "locked". As soon as i have the right renown/can be elected as marshal, its allways me. I want to get rid of this,because some times i have bussiness, or nobody is following me.
3. Dispossessed Levies joining allways my side, independent if they are from the enemy side. Same sometimes with other lords. Any comments to solve this?
- This really kills some fun for me.

Many thanks for answers.
Hey friend, so the way mods work in the older engine (M&B/WFaS/WB) means you cannot easily mix features from one mod to another.

They are not modular like mods for Bannerlord or the Elder Scrolls Series, it's more like Half-Life or Doom where only a single mod can be loaded in at a time.

So it will be impossible to add in that feature without having the scripts for the feature in question and the code base for the destination mod. It will also take a good understanding of the destination mod's code and the MABL scripting language in order to accomplish it.

As for your additional questions, these tweaks would need the original source code of the mod in question in order to be accomplished as they are a lot more involved than changing values in the compiled files.

I wish I could have been more helpful, but this is the reality of the engine's limits.
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