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I don't know if this the right place to post this (already did on Nexus).

Basically I've founded my kingdom and choose to follow my own custom culture with Select All Kingdom Culture, I let my settlements switch into it with Changing Culture so I could be able to recruit units from my brand super-duper custom army that I've created with Custom Troop.

Now I can also promote the best custom units at the end of a battle with Distinguished Service as companions and even...marry them, thanks to Marry anyone continue, so my wife-soldier will carry her brand new culture upon my children (and by extension my whole dynasty). Love it, thanks modders for that 🤌

Took me a while, few XML tweaks and several crashes to figure out how to manage all of that, now everything works fine.

Here is the last thing I'd like to do: set the physical properties of my people, from my units to any random NPC in my settlements.

When creating our army with Custom Troop, there is an option to define our units "faces". The mod allows to choose between all the cultures (Aserai-looking, Battanian-looking, etc) and there is also the choice "Custom-looking", that I obviously tried.

But the "custom" choice actually sets all our units with the same body properties as imperials (even if there is already a proper "Imperial-looking" choice in the list).

I'd like to understand how to edit these custom faces so my units won't look like imperials, but like something new (let say I want them to be blond like sturgians but naturally tanned like aserai and very small, because why not ?).

In the Custom Troop mod folder (Modules\CustomTroop\ModuleData) there is an XML file named custom_culture.xml with various lines like e.g "townswoman_infant="NPCCharacter.townswoman_infant_empire" which basically defines the culture of any NPC (in towns, villages, arena master, etc).

These lines are all set to "empire", but can be replaced by "vlandia", "aserai", etc.

With this I can decide to have vlandian townsmen only in Varcheg, looking at an aserai female dancing next to a battanian beggar (and then play a khuzait board game in the tavern). Funny, but this is more a melting-pot than a proper new culture.

Where are my random generated tiny tanned blondies NPC ? 😖

I tried adding "custom" on those lines, but this causes crashes, so I can't really have custom NPC so far in my settlements.

Strangely, still in the same file, few lines are already set to "custom", like "village_woman="NPCCharacter.village_woman_custom".

But even if there are indeed "custom female villagers" in my villages, they still look imperial, like the units from my army set to "custom faces".

Finally, still in the same folder, I noticed another file named custom_bodyproperties.xml and I believe this to be the key to those very settings, but I'm not sure what to do with it (and how to apply it to any NPC + units of my culture).

Hope this isn't too confusing, did the best I could to explain.
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You have to define all the layers of properties, in a bunch of files.

It's basically, teach yourself, but you start with small changes and build from there.

Just copying a custom culture is the start, there are customs for a lot of the other stuff, like FaceKeys and ranges, which get defined in other lists.
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