Unresolved Multiplayer on consoles is still unplayable other then custom battles and a few questions

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Hello dear support person from taleworlds team

I have been playing the game since realease on ps4 and i am very happy how much bugs and improvment you have implemented to singleplayer(especially crashes on the new version maybe 1 crash per 10 hourse when in the last one it was every 3 battles), amazing jobs especially since we see more and more companies just giving up after failed launch. However there is a certain part of game i could not enjoy which is multiplayer since the start of the game on man diffrent days and hours i tried looking for skirmish and captain mode it always disconnects me after 1 to 3 minutes. As there are 2 trophies releated to this and no one has them both for pc and console i would assume i am not alone with this problem.I tried playing custom battles yet problem with spawns completly destroyed my enjoyment of this mode. As for trophies i have also a question some strict multiplayer trophies are obtainable in singleplayer on pc such as killing people from horseback with bow even without mods, i tried recreating it on ps4 yet had not effect therefore i have a question will you make it possible to get them on singleplayer or was that just a bug on pc version? Also as the players numbers for mutiplayer are very low i was curious if you could add the bots option just as on pc just so trophy hounters such as me could just get the trophy in their beloved game.

Best regards
Fellow BannerLord

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Log to multiplayer
Start searching for game
Get disconnected

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