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Translation Error: On dit que XXX recrute dans poterie.
Corrected Translation: On dit que XXX recrute dans la poterie
Where did you find this error (which conversation, screen, area,...)?: Tavern conversation

There are two problems that lead to the missing "la" article before the shop type.

First, the {.l} token is missing in the three possible texts with this sentence that are into SandBox/.../std_SandBox-fre.xml

id="9O8a1Yz8" text="J'ai entendu au marché que {NOTABLE.LINK} recrute dans {.%}{SHOP_TYPE}{.%}. {?NOTABLE.GENDER}Elle{?}Il{\?} traite bien ses employés, paraît-il."
id="e9bLGCQu" text="On dit que {NOTABLE.LINK} recrute dans {.%}{SHOP_TYPE}{.%}. {?NOTABLE.GENDER}Elle est retorse{?}Il est retors{\?}."
id="xP8cKZFE" text="On dit que {?NOTABLE.GENDER}la marchande{?}le marchand{\?} {NOTABLE.LINK} recrute dans {.%}{SHOP_TYPE}{.%}.

You must add a {.l} token before {SHOP-TYPE} in order to obtain the article instead of nothing: {.%}{.l}{SHOP_TYPE}{.%}

But that is not sufficient because the workshops have no genre. So you have to add the genre of the workshops into SandBox /.../std_spworkshops_xml-fre.xml.
Here is the list of the wokshop with their genre:

id="7hx2Nlmd" text="{.F}{.S}Tannerie"
id="boupIGPX" text="{.M}{.S}Pressoir à olives"
id="bZeZCHoa" text="{.F}{.S}Lainerie"
id="EBCKXbTa" text="{.M}{.S}Atelier de tissage de velours"
id="GsaLzLfl" text="{.F}{.S}Brasserie"
id="Kqt8RHh7" text="{.F}{.S}Forge"
id="qfzkMuLj" text="{.M}{.S}Artisan"
id="Tj7ErPfn" text="{.F}{.S}Poterie"
id="tK4IiP3J" text="{.M}{.S}Atelier de tissage de lin"
id="UiSes6XY" text="{.M}{.S}Ébénisterie"
id="uy2mSmw3" text="{.M}{.S}Pressoir à raisin"
id="VHLUHBaT" text="{.M}{.P}Artisans"
id="wLTQpbIM" text="{.M}{.S}Potier

If you do the two above modifications into the French files, the result shall be as expected in French: there will be an article before "poterie".


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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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