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Translation Error: Les Agdil fait partie de Peuple de la forêt, un clan nomade des terres de Sturgiens.
Corrected Translation: Agdil fait partie du Peuple de la forêt, un clan nomade des terres des Sturgiens.
Where did you find this error (which conversation, screen, area,...)?: Encyclopedia

This is only one example, because almost all the descriptions of all the heros have wrong articles into the first sentence.
If I'm right, this sentence comes from this line of std_TaleWorlds_CampaignSystem-fre.xml:
id="9Obe3S6L" text="{.L}{LORD.FIRSTNAME} fait partie {.dl}{CLAN_NAME}, {CLAN_DESCRIPTION} des terres {.dl}{FACTION_NAME}. {?LORD.GENDER}Elle{?}Il{\?} a la réputation d'être {REPUTATION}."

The statement is:
{.L} before LORD.FIRSTNAME: The first name (Agdil) has no genre, so the token should be replaced by nothing (no article), here it is considered that Agdil is plural, so a "Les" is written before the first name.
{.dl} before CLAN_NAME: id="o7ud4X2X" text="{.M}{.S}Peuple de la forêt" is masculine, {.dl} should be replaced by "du" (as in the title) and not by "de" as if it has no genre.
{.dl} before FACTION_NAME: id="C4qjBqLO" text="{.M}{.P}Sturgiens" is plural, {.dl} should be replaced by "des" and not by "de" as if it was singular.

It seems that the genres are shifted: {.L} is transformed with the genre of FACTION_NAME, the first {.dl} with the genre of LORD.FIRSTNAME and the second with the genre of CLAN_NAME.

This issue exists since 1.7.0.

This is not a translation error but a code bug during the token transformation to article. Please fix it.

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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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