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Medieval Conquests attempts to reflect the reality of 13th century Europe.
From this point on the player and NPC lords shape this land and fight for supremacy and control of the continent.
This mod uses https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,245842.0.html 1257AD (1257 Anno Domini as a basis)
This mod includes cross-platform co-op support for Single Player and Multi Player, the co-op is drop-in during campaign encounters and only the host needs to use WSE 4.3.0. (WSE not needed for SP & Joining Co-Op/MP).

This is not an OSP: You may not use any part of this mod without obtaining permission from the original author in any works, free or commercial, unless otherwise specified.

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Starting Factions

1. Teutonic Order
2. Kingdom of Lithuania
3. Golden Horde
4. Kingdom of Denmark
5. Polish Principalities
6. Holy Roman Empire
7. Kingdom of Hungary
8. Novgorod Republic
9. Kingdom of England
10. Kingdom of France
11. Kingdom of Norway
12. Kingdom of Scotland
13. Gaelic Kingdoms
14. Kingdom of Sweden
15. Kingdom of Halych-Volhynia
16. Kingdom of Portugal
17. Crown of Aragon
18. Kingdom of Castille
19. Kingdom of Navarra
20. Emirate of Granada
21. Papal States
22. Byzantine Empire
23. Crusader States
24. Kingdom of Sicily
25. Mamluk Sultanate
26. Latin Empire
27. Ilkhanate
28. Hafsid Dynasty
29. Kingdom of Serbia
30. Bulgarian Empire
31. Marinid Dynasty
32. Republic of Venice
33. Jotvingians
34. Prussians
35. Curonians
36. Samagotians
37. Principality of Wales
38. Republic of Genoa
39. Republic of Pisa
40. Guelphs
41. Ghibellines
42. Kingdom of Bohemia

Note: more factions can form during the game, depending on the situations and campaign, so there can be up to 84 total active factions rather than 42 as listed here.

Current Features

-Injury consequences, such as Stumbling, bleeding, reduced speed & damage, and so on.

-Unique traits for every troop in each battle, now no longer does every troop have the same stats, speed damage, each one has unique modifiers regardless of their tier.

- Faction forming system with potentional coup's, independence, rebellions, civil wars and more!

- Simplified upgrade all troops menu allowing player to upgrade troops to their choice with just one click.

- Dynamic UI (3) depending on which faction you are part of.

- Hundreds of new events depending on your character status (King-vassal-neither).

- World-map events such as storms, floods, fires, epidemics and more.

- Ability to reform the Roman Empire as the Byzantine Empire Monarch start.

- Ability to join any encounter regardless of relations.

- Ability to adjust minimum size of all garrisons & parties.

- Particle effects for hitting shields & weapon breaking.

- Hardcore mode, as well as player permadeath, hardcore mode makes several changes to the game making every battle important towards your characters wellbeing, with persistant injuries, and other things to discover.

- Extended camera mode, allowing the player to adjust the camera to their preference, you can now view in your character in a top down view, and any angle you want.

- Troops use torches during night-time.

- Enhanced skybox and time of day.

- Several new games to discover in taverns!

- New improved looting and inventory system, as well as browse attributes of lords etc with LAV's companion overseer.

- Multiple starting choices ranging from a Monarchy to a lowly bandit! (Monarch, Prince/Princess, Vassal, Adventurer, Bandit, possibly more to be added).

- AI lords can die within the game.

- Adjustable customization of keys for crouching and so on.

- Troop ratio bar showing the current balance of forces and who is winning.

- Terrain-aware music system for tense situations, and combat situations, as well as sieges, in both SP & Co-Op/MP.

- Factional sounds depending on which faction you are part of, and depending on your status (king-vassal-none).

- New weapons with dynamically animated banners

- Some dynamic heraldic armors

- Marriage and family titles

- English names and Titles for the nobility.

- Lords execution system with dynamic changes in the game depending on the actions.

- Offers a lot of customization, from UI Elements to in-game elements.

- Improved UI Elements

- Dynamic weapons & Dynamic banners

- Armies can now crouch on command

- Low walking

- Full support for dedicated and listens servers MP/Co-Op.

- More visual effects depending on the situations.

- Random Events while travelling some with benefits/consequences depending on the choice you choose!

- Even more Random Events for Kings with benefits/consequences depending on the choice you choose!

- Realistic Ballistics.

- Realistic sounds from hitting a wooden shield to grunting and death sounds.

- Improved AI drastically, you can press F5 to adjust the AI settings.

- Better female textures.

- Better Blood Splatters & Blood Textures.

- Includes Battle_Time re-coded to work properly under the latest version of warband, and now you don't even need WSE to join multiplayer games, only to host them, Linux & Mac players can rejoice about this, now its possible to experience some co-op easily!

- Play your campaign in singleplayer and your battles in multiplayer.
- When you fight a battle, siege, or attack a village, host a multiplayer game so your friends can help you win the fight.
- Use a dedicated server so that players do not need to reconnect for each battle.
- Anyone that joins the MP battle can choose to be the player, a companion in the player's SP party, any lord from either team, or a random regular soldier.
- Take command of a troop division or all the troops from your chosen party.
- The main party inventory is available during the MP battle by choosing "Access Inventory" from the Esc menu before spawning or using the box at your spawn point.
- The multiplayer battle will have the correct scene, troops (weapons and skills), banners, and weather.
- After the battle, load your saved game and apply the results from the multiplayer battle.
- Great for LAN play or online with voice chat and screen sharing software.
- Battle Time uses the Warband Script Enhancer (Only required for hosts, not players joining), adding more features and support for dedicated servers.

Mission types that can use co-op:
- Normal encounter
- Join a battle
- Join a siege assault
- Siege attack
- Defend castle you are in
- Village attacked by bandits
- Village raid attacked by lord
- Village raid defended by lord
- Village attack when looting them
- Village train peasants
- Bandit lairs

- Improved animations

- New textures to fonts and interfaces such as the inventory, notes, and other sections
- All of Europe, featuring 42 factions, with another 42 possible to form.
- Hundred of new historical, region based troops.
- More then a thousand new items, armors, weapons, all historically accurate for XIII century.
- Buildable castles.
- Manor system, with the ability to build custom settlements (build buildings appear in the scene!)
- Realistic combat system, with taunts, formations, improved horse archer skirmishing scripts and other features.
- Custom battle scenes, realistically depicting each region of Europe.
- Weather system, including desert storms, blizzards, rain storms
- Play as one of your soldiers after your death, with our made auxiliary player feature (can be turned off in the mod options).
- Cruading system: Join a crusade or start one yourself!
- Join a crusader order as sergeant or a knight!
- New lance recruitment system, aiming to emulate medieval feudal recruitment system.
- Companion system improved and remade
- Sea battles and sea travel
- Many new scenes for castles, towns and villages. A good number of them - are historically based reconstructions of real places!
- All lords have proper titles according to their faction.
- Many other minor and major features!


Current Team

Testers credits (Order based on contributions)



1257AD (Used as a base) *Permissions by: Othr*
https://code.google.com/archive/p/dev1257/ List of contributors of 1257AD

K700 (Forked WSE)

Hispania 1200 (Animations and minor things)

Egbert (Battle_Time)

1429 Cent Anes

Doghotel's Brainybots

Kalarhan (Being helpful)

CWE Team

Brytenwelda Team

Sands of Faith

Majority of music used is copyright-free, all rights reserved.

OSP's used:
Dice game (Tavern Keeper)
Find the lady (Tavern Keeper)
Custom Notes by LAV
Blackjack card game (Tavern Keeper)
Siege camp icon by LAV
Flip Coins OSP (Tavern Keeper)
https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,342181.msg8161786.html Skybox & Lighting OSP
https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,189930.0.html Lav's companion overseer
https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,255226.msg6118730.html#msg6118730 Vanilla hardcore mode, note that the hardcore mode used in MC uses this as a base, and it is not the same as I made several changes.
http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,254824.0.html more hardcore mode
http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=999 Blackjack Source Code
http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=998 Blackjack BRF and textures
https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,323422.75.html KAOS
https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,155768.0.html Key Config
https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,176440.0.html Flip coin OSP
https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,275550.0.html Drinking game OSP
https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,156444.0.html Change party name OSP

This project is now open source under the MIT license, enjoy!

The latest source code contains some fixes that weren't implemented to the latest release build yet, some huge jumps in changes are mostly related to co-op and some experimental features, it also includes experimental features on sending data from a server to player written in Python (serverevents folder) the purpose of that experimental feature was to gather amount of current players in both server (and over-all players playing mod), keep in mind that this doesn't infringe any rights other than a simple 0-1 logic check to see how many players are online, send them message during their single player campaign to inform them of any upcoming co-op/multiplayer events.


I don't think you need to do Crusader factions, cuz there is already Sands of Faith for it...
otherwise, this mod looks great ! Keep it alive
Gothic Knight said:
Still looking for members?
To an extent, there will be a stress test soon related to the co-op/MP portion of the mod and I need more members for that.

if you are interested on participating on the stress test then by all means let me know and i'll contact you with the time, when the time is set, for there is no ETA yet for it as i'm running into some issues.

Shortly after the stress test if all goes fine mod will likely be released to public.


Sergeant Knight
I have some Norse kettles, a couple Conicals, and Spangens from my Total War mod if you want to use those.
Slytacular said:
I have some Norse kettles, a couple Conicals, and Spangens from my Total War mod if you want to use those.
Gothic Knight said:
Also offer to make some or retexture.
Thank you both for your offers, i'll be sure to contact you both if needed, meanwhile feel free to link me the files for your works, and if I like them and they fit into the era and style of the mod, then they may be added with your permissions and credit, of course.
kuauik said:
1257 team didnt gave any kind of permission for this..just sayin'
I've changed the Credits section so its more clear.
I was provided permissions by Othr.

I will add everyone, including you to the credit list thanks to your combined works.
Lemble said:
When do you suppose will be released?
Still got a backlog of things to do, if i'm not too busy with bodybuilding and work I might be able to release this soon.

I understand my answer isn't what you were expecting, right now its impossible for me to say when its coming out as I do not know.


Grandmaster Knight
Perhaps this would be better released as a mini-mod for 1257AD rather than a stand alone. From what I can see it's basically the mod with some few tweaks. The tweaks sound great though.


this sounds way more than a mini mod or submod, i doubt the mod creator could shoehorn this mod into 1257


the permission from Othr,is irelevant because he was only coder before the main builder of the mod Tomas,i made most of the items in the mod and did not give permission to anyone
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