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I suggest that, once the first part of the modding tools are released, Taleworlds holds a map competition for Multiplayer. Afterwards, the community votes the best maps for each gamemod, and we elect like 3 maps for each gamemod that get to be implemented into the actual multiplayer part of the game! This way, I predict:
*The direct collaboration of the community and the development of the game itself, bringing amazing maps to multiplayer
*Some of the work being taken off the shoulders off the devs, even if it's just a tiny bit, so that they can continue improving other stuff in the game
*And overall bring some good content for the folks who left the game to jump back in

And it would also be really fun! :smile:


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BL should be divided into quarterly online sections. These can take the form of the seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, winter. There may be competitions for each season. For example individual sp mission contest, map contest, individual tournament contest, armies battle contest (I assume there will be online 1v1 army matches). Pw map design contest as clan (assuming pw mod will be added by tw), best scenario (task tree) contest, clan contests, clan alliances war (clan war mod will be added). Winners can remain in the game permanently. In other words, the award of the competition is to be remembered as the winner as long as BL lives. example champions can be seen on the BL online landing page. The winner of the map contest will remain playable with its own name map in BL online. The scenarios of the script winners will live in the game. Thus, BL SP and MP will get rich.
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