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I'm on console so there's no conflicting mods so can anyone explain why every single play through I'm on for the past 2 years I've been on this game I've been in constant wars? I've even managed to achieve 100 relation with every noble in the game and that doesn't even fix the issue. On my current play through I just got out of a great war between literally every single faction and then won against them all just to have 3 of them declare war again at literally the same time on my way back to my settlement to actually enjoy the other features of the game and take care of the other aspects of my kingdom but no, I have to constantly fight wars because although my kingdom strength is stronger than the next 3 strongest kingdoms combined my vassals only put together 1 or 2 armies of 300-500 troops and get utterly annihilated which leaves me defending on multiple fronts by myself and i have 12 vassals all tier 4 and higher. With no talks of improving this in any of the community tales it makes me believe that they aren't prioritizing this issue which makes me want to uninstall and revert back to CK3, although I'll lose out on the battle simulation aspect of Mount and Blade at least I'll have realistic diplomacy.

This game has so much potential it's unreal and it's the fact that this very potential is being ignored for battle simulation tweaks that hardly make a difference in gameplay really makes me hate this game. I don't want to hate this game so please prioritize diplomacy in the next update. Make it enjoyable and less rigorous.
Well this is something alot of us players have given extensive feedback for years now.

When its just constant state of war it just tanks the fun, as you get no downtime to do other things in the sandbox elements of the game.

Basically it was created to counter snowballing effects when a kingdome gets too strong - meaning if you stop defending and your kingdomes power drops down, you'll see less war again..
Which tbh just isnt fun either.

Atleast on PC there is mods that to some degree fix this.

Imo the core issue with the mod is that they moved away from Warbands "causis belli" /Just cause and went with that voteing system.
The problem with the new system, that you will end up with war without end, or chainwars most of the time.
Read typically when I play a long game 15-20 years+ its like only the first 2-5 years that there will be any peace, after that it will be war vs 2-3 other kingdomes..

The way the kingdomes chooses the targets etc now is just preadatory, where they gank factions.

As for your conclusion I totally agree, they focus on small things which have little to no impact, oh they tweaked this infantry troop to now have 200 1h and 150 athletics vs before 150 and 200 this will surely make the game better(no it wont).

Instead of fixeing the issues that "isnt good" or generally get *****ed about by us the players alot.

Read if its how they want it to be and its working as designed - they could be more clear about communicating it to us the users.

I'll be honest without mods(PC) this game would for me unenyoable, I do clean plays after each mayor update, but its the same issues the game dont play out like a sandbox but its the same repetive.

With the causis belli system you had in Warband it was much better as the game felt much more organic and you could have really weird scenarios unfold.
TW could introduce small truces or when a peace is signed between two kingdoms that a certain peace between them is maintained for a time
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Your at constant war be .. cause, there is no late game .. nothing to do = very boring ..SO .. constant war.

Step back ,look past the wars, look past the constant sieges, repetitive sieges .. see the world conquest end game, and weep.
TW could introduce small truces or when a peace is signed between two kingdoms that a certain peace between them is maintained for a time

Still at the moment unless they change something at the core - you would still get like it is now when the peace is over you will be back at war with them.

Just dont have that "random factor" that Warband gave you.
Basically cause of the random + nations needed to be "connected" to declare war, you could end up haveing a strip of land from Nords into Middle city and then Halmar and into Sarranid lands.

Atm the truce/peace only last 30 days in the game - soon as its over there will be war.

Still the issue is the choice on the allowing the kingdomes to vote for war, will lead them to do so.
Since they see the tribute they are paying is "now too high" they will want war to lower it down - since the game dont have a diplomacy - they cant negotiate the terms, and war is declared.

Not a good game design(I get that other players love the constant war, but for those of us who just feels its too grindy, its really superboring, and makes it loose "meaning").
Anyone having issue with the latest update on ps4 ?

It’s constantly war with 5 different nations. The longest “truce” has lasted one / two weeks in game and all hell let loose. Even trying to do the Istania’s plan prevention is nearly impossible without a 500-600 troops through enemy territory.

Xero Clutch

Because the game simulates the reaction. There is no trade in the game, there are no relationships in the game, there are scenarios and triggers in the game that trigger them, regardless of your actions.
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