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Not sure if it's a bug but I thought I'd have a whine anyway. Fought a battle against pirates with some manhunter allies, no real problems for my troops except a couple of farmers copped it (no big loss eh?), or at least so I thought... I'd had my companions on follow me mode while the rest charged to keep them (and me) alive, but at the end got a message saying that Ardenius had died. Now I was surprised since he certainly hadn't been killed or knocked unconscious or even involved in the fighting that I'd noticed. I was more surprised when I turned around and saw Ardenius standing behind me looking completely unhurt:

I Ctr-Alt-Del closed it, and his health before the battle was 67%. I'd have thought that a hit taking his health down by 17% would have resulted in some visible blood on his face or clothing, although I can't actually remember if it shows blood for blunt weapons. Always thought it did, strange way to die either way. I re-did that battle, and this time I'm certain Ardenius didn't get involved in any fighting since I ordered everyone to charge then ordered my Companions to follow me while I sat back and watched, pinging arrows over everyone's head. So, er, a bit weird that he dies of his wounds when he didn't receive any new ones.

Definately the NPC death **** needs work, it's annoying how easily they die, which in itself wouldn't be so annoying if they didn't take their equipment to hell with them. Can add some suggestions to what's already been said, though I don't know what's possible and what isn't. Is it possible to track which weapon type caused the damage? If so it ought to affect the chance of survival when a character is wounded rather than killed or knocked out during the battle - wounds caused by blunt weapons ought to be less likely to prove lethal, slashing wounds more likely to be lethal (any open wound very likely to get infected and cause septosemia and death, which you probably know generally killed more people than the actual fighting), and piercing wounds maybe most likely to cause death (I'm not sure on this since it would vary depending on the weapon, but piercing weapons would tend to cause more internal damage to organs which would be irreparable).

I like what Flatline suggested. If someone with 50% health is considered close to death, the game doesn't really handle it properly since they would presumabley not want to be involved in a fight. The game still thinks it's ok for them to fight like boneheaded berserkers until their health is below 30%. I think the death chance threshold should be crossed at 30% rather than 50%. It's probably less realistic, but better for M&B.
i'm working those issues - and i appreciate you bringing them again to my attention.

the death script i have is crude; i'm in the midst of trying something new, but its requiring a bit of reqork on the dialogs... so it may be a bit of time.

since most of the noted bugs are fixed, and i have a few new tweaks that a suprise contributor has provided, may make the next version a bit more in line with uninturrupted fun.

so... my present priorities before the next version are:
1) death script
2) adding dead party member goods to loot
3) combat and ambush enhancement
4) trade with partys on map

set aside, unfortunately for the nonce, are
5) faction joining
6) new missions
7) storylines
8 ) castle/town seizure and management

as always, if anyone has functional scripts along the lines of my interests to increase release time, i'll consider them.

i would so very appreciate someon to create new towns and castles through the game editor - khergs more like an middleeastern setting, nords more a viking/wooden walls, towers, and houses, chiromes more french 12th cenrtury and the like. pm me if you have something. maw
I'd to welcome everyone, coz' i'm new here. So, hi:smile:
I really want to play Your mod but it freeze when i hit singleplayer. I've tried to lower settings, turning off various things and haven't helped:/
Could You write what's to do??
Izik said:
I'd to welcome everyone, coz' i'm new here. So, hi:smile:
I really want to play Your mod but it freeze when i hit singleplayer. I've tried to lower settings, turning off various things and haven't helped:/
Could You write what's to do??

i have everything on the first page of the config off, including antialiasing; framerate 100; resolution set to Desktop.

have you got any other mods to work? maw
Yep, i play the other mods and everything is ok. I've tried various combinations of game setting and nothing.
When I talked to a party of farmers I got the chat bug. It stopped chat and I had to force quit the game. Brilliant job with this mod, btw. This and TLD are the only M&B I play right now.

Some others I've found:

-The Samurai stuff in Rivacheg causes a CTD when you open the chest.
-talkin to Refugees also freezes the chat.
-Helmets don't appear on my characters for some reason.
-There look like there are some texture bugs with the armors.
-The "I wish to rest" thing in castles freezes chat.
You really should check if those ain't heard of already or now.

maw said:
ok. report the bugs you find, here. for now, i'll pre-empt:

* THIS GRAPHIC INTENSIVE MAP TAKES A WHILE TO LOAD sometimes as long as 5 minutes. and yes, if you have a graphic card or game settings set for other things, it sometimes won't load on the older machine. try unclicking all those boxes in configeration.

* after recruiting a named NPC in a town, if you immediately talk to them, it shows the camp dialogs - fixed for next release
* unmatched end_try on first victorious battle
* occaisional 'supertroops' with outrageous (300+) profeciencies when promoting a serjeant from a party member
* sometimes blank status on reputation - fixed for next release
* only one Okin mission as of 4/24
* "Tell Me About Yourself" character view screen bug - fixed for next release
* HORSE MESHES don't match on some models, on list of things ta do - fixed for next release (i hope)
* HIRING in taverns, not activated yet
* RECRUITING and ATTACKING peasants, farmers, refugees, and manhunters activated - outlaws still being tweaked
* I SEEK REST through the Lord Dialog - fixed for next release
* strange short sword mesh issue - fixed for next release
* ctd after battle - fixed  for next release
* cannot attack farmers, peasants, refugees - fixed for next release

* screen lockup after hiring peasants, farmers, or refugees - fixed for next release
* shiny armor and faces - fixed for next release- were settings in materials
* after taken prisoner, ctd - fixed for next release
* camp dialog issues - fixed for next release

* camp dialogs messed up, working on it
* faction recruit messed up, working on it
* castle options/seige/control (not implemented)
* equipment and horses after battle not being added to loot
* some citys have blocked terrain, Reyvadin and Sargoth - i need to edit map to reflect they are on mountains
* death script is cumbersome, lacking - new script, you'll have to test effects next release
* Volkier prisoner dies automatically in battle. no, he's not committing suicide. - fixed
* transferring troops to Serjeant party near town messed up
* caravan invest scheme not completing
* dialog with merchant determining trade reflects numbers rather than goods and locations

and keep them coming. maw
Thanks for the great mod and all the time you have and are spending on it. Keep up the great work.

Have been playing your current mod for a couple of weeks and have seen several of the bugs mentioned in this thread. I believe I have run across a new one though.

While attacking a group of Pirates; Volkier, as a member of my party dies. Well when I won I didn't think he had been knocked unconscious during the battle, so I quit and tried again. This happened several times. I figured that I would try and have him wait somewhere else while the rest fought the battles, and it worked he didn't die. But when I tried to get him to rejoin my party it wouldn't work. I got to the screen where he asks if I want him to rejoin, but that is all I get. It will not go any farther. The program just sits there. As far as I can tell it isn't doing anything. Thinking, working hard, or anything that would be considered a process.

Thanks for the help.

hey, i'm not really sure if this a bug or not but there aren't any lords in the castles in cities. i really want to join chiron but i've been to every city over and over and haven't seen a count or duke, etc once. not really sure what the problem is, any help would be appreciated  :lol: :lol:

ps. the death script is extremely frustrating lol
M&B just crashed after i lost to some pirates ... if you talk to a peasant in your party and you ask for more about him, the game froze. If you talk to refugee you cant exit from the chat screen.

It look like a really nice mod but since its really long to load, bug must be fixed hehe
Please read next time, Selvhan... =P  That bug is already going into the bug-burning-factory. Which seems to be deserted now though.  :???:
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