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There is a serious lack of mods in development for the original M&B (and mods in general for F&S), so I took it upon myself to create a minimod for one of the two underrated siblings of the series.  Might port the crafting system to F&S, not sure about Warband, there seems to be plenty of mods for it already.

A simple GUI crafting system (only two "recipes" so far, will add more if this proves popular)
A new kind of melee light cavalry bandit that uses
Two new weapons, and
One new armor

Albertus Magnus (Magnus Hammer)
Rigadoon (Fancy Rapier)
Njunja (Light Lamellar)

Special Thanks
N0ught (modding inspiration)
Maybe a few other people I've forgotten (sorry if I did, just tell me)
...and my dad, a coding guru


1. Have Tools in your inventory.
2. Have some crafting materials in your inventory.  Look at "Recipes" below for reference.
3. Click "Camp" on the world map.
4. Click "Craft an item." in the Camp menu.
5. Move the crafting materials to the inventory on the left.
6. Click "Return".
7. Click "Craft an item." again.
8. In the inventory on the left should be your new item.

Iron = Fancy Rapier
Fancy Rapier + Iron = Magnus Hammer
To do: Iron + Furs = Light Lamellar (Yeah, I know it's not made of Fur  :razz:)

This is extremely important to me!  The only way I know which direction to go with this mod is if you post!


This is true. If you want any help with new/alternate troops, scene editing and **** like that, hit me up.
I'd love to be involved in a mod for original M&B


Thanks for the replies!  I thought this mod died before it even really started, there's just so much I want to do with it, not much use making a mod people don't want, eh?  And, well, they at least call themselves the "Valiant Riders".  Of course, since they are bandits, they really aren't that valiant.  They're just like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.  Except that they're the poor and everyone else is rich.  I'm not really looking for help right now, but I may need yours in the near future.  I currently just want feedback so I know what direction to take this mod, which is why I purposefully left it mostly unmodded.  I've sort of said this before, but I want to give the community what the community as a whole wants (At least the M&B and F&S community).  What do you all think about the crafting system?  I personally am rather proud of it myself. :mrgreen:


I love the crafting system, I think crafting is great in all the mods it'sbeen featured in.
when you need help with ****, just hit me up.


You should make a crafting skill so you can craft better items and a handbook saying what you need to craft (of course you can make a couple secrets :roll:).

But looks pretty fun, i'd at least play it :3


You might have some screenshots available? I did like to see how you implanted the crafting here :smile: .
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