Unresolved Lost my High Level Character Because of a Bug

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I completed the Hadrian's wall quest, and got Caio as a companion. He had pretty good stats so I quickly quick-saved afterwards.

I took some steps and, crash.

Now whenever I load my save, it crashes, on the loading screen, so I can't even log in to kick him out the group. My save file might have been corrupted but I really don't know. I've sinked like 14 hours of work into advancing my character, and I accumulated 80k all through hard work. I need assistance, this was my second character I only started because I wanted to wield the Troll Axe as well and I'm pretty tired of grinding. If I can't bring this save file back I'm never going to even open Warband again. :sad:
Such a good game, is so sad nobody helps us. I passed that without any issues, but I'm absolutely stuck in another quest were it glitches and crashes everytime.
Best thing to do, is what I always do... Go into Save Games for Viking Conquest, and copy the entire folder and put the clone in some other folder and when the game does that, put the spare Save Games (Viking Conquest).

Go into: [Mount&Blade Warband Savegames] and copy the [Viking Conquest] and save it into a new or separate folder. Replace when the game totally crashes out and dies. I copy and save these every few plays to update where I'm at just in case.

I really want them to fix the glitch they made somehow after the most recent patch where all of the women are now reduced in scale to dwarf sizes. It's just bad.
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