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Looking for a mod that handles recruitment and troop trees how I want.

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Hey folks, just checking if there's a mod out there that overhauls troop trees how I want. Google is not too helpful for this.
Basically, it should give every major city and surrounding villages a totally unique troop tree to recruit from. Presumably it would also make lords get reinforcements appropriate for their owned fiefs rather than generic troops which afaik is how vanilla works. I've seen it done by implementing each city as their own faction but id rather keep the fealties of Calradia the same if possible.

Bonus points if there's a mod out there that makes villages spawn farmer parties with culturally appropriate Farmer troops which can be upgraded into different cultured mercenaries.

Both don't need to be implemented by the same mod, nor does it need to be as extensive as covering every city and village. I'm more or less looking to make my own personal mod using these ideas as a base and seeing if someones got this out there already.

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