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1) Massed archers hurt... a lot.
2) Horsearchers rule. Ask anyone from the Assyrians to the Samurai.
3) Be polite and let someone else go in front of you up a ladder...
4) Shields save lives.
5) Criminal hideouts can only be attacked at night.
6) If you squint your eyes (and hold shift) you improve your vision.
7) Early Access means different things to different people...
:cool: Remember to taste the barmaid’s food before serving it to your men...
I hope in time Devs will answer to that you described perhaps like:

1. We get either armor values increased or more precisely arrow dmg decreased by I guess slowing its "bullet" speed. Also archers were known to shoot more for AOE not pinpointing one target (quite often it happens to be a player so he has that funny feeling again he is the centre of universe).

2. Horse archers ruled in steppes from time immemorial but precise opposite happened elsewhere where their shocking rule though happened but was universally shortlived. Where mobility is hampered (not in steppes) horse archers (only or mostly) has lost its strengt.

Even today many ppl know just myths instead of studying real history. (Mongols for example had not OP Horse archers but they used combined arms, communication on unprecedented level and new tech, it was not about horse archers only/mostly, psychic/terror warfare even biological - plague was there too. Their discipline matched perhaps Romans in best times for example. When their enemies learned their new ways they lost that big advantage but ofc it was with time for some shorter some very long (also discipline declined - you know with big succeses ppl got often spoiled).)

3. I hope that AI lords will less frequently use just siege camps and attack castles with only ladders at disposal probably counting they have superior numbers but they can easily replace unnecessary losses unlike player - I hope for easier way to train my troops beside AI using more than just ladders.

4. It connected with 1.st point because arrows are mythically good against even heavy amor even from long distance. Shields hopefully will become as RL cheap-er defence against arrows but who has "overpriced armor" can shield let go (ofc not case of heavier crossbows for this is not age of plate armor yet and even shield could be pierced with those, archers should have special heavy "AP" arrows to be able to pierce good amil but then less regular arrows would be at disposal so there would be some balance but also archers would need to get quite close to have impact so also situational it would be using of those speciall arrows).

Also if many ppl are "good" at blocking like me they will still use shields for fights even if they would not need fear that much of regullar and distant arrows. Ofc if autoblock would come then too easy blocking might make shield obsolete or even useless weight you carry. Perhaps no autoblock but somehow easier blocking would be best.

5. I would rather have either daytime attack option with their awareness being as it is now or close I guess but at night they really should get surprised not outnumbering player´s little party in no time having invisible night vision googles (perhaps using dagger for silent certain kill?).

6. I really would like to have perk on higher skill to get some zoom but with already described nerf of arrow dmg at long distance it would be good against not armored or lightly armored opponents otherwise waste of arrows.

7. Aint sure I got it but some info from Devs what they plan, why their patch changed something, etc., would be welcomed, no need for blogs though, just short info.

:smile: If you want to be certain of healthiness of food then prepare it yourself. I do not cook so I can not complain (much).
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