SP Fantasy Legacy of the Dragon (v1.13 released. Original Soundtrack, All Races Playable - High Fantasy)

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This is absolutely great, gonna be waiting for this as times passes so that more features will be put in. It would be great if we can gett afflicted with Vampirism or become Werewolves if the PC got bit or something. Good luck and what a fantastic work!
I love this mod. The sheer amount of effort that has gone into crafting an entirely new world is incredible.

I've been bug testing using the 0.93 version off moddb, and found a few things:
  • The menu displays version number as 0.77.
  • Clerics start out with the non-healing version of smite.
  • Cleric spells don't heal horses; not sure if that's intended or not.
  • The fireball sold by the highmage doesn't appear to be the same version as that sold by the sorcerer, leading to them being treated as two different weapons in combat i.e. two stacks of 5 rather than one stack of 10.
  • Companions can use spells without having the magic power skill. Zehald is a good example, as he starts without any magic power but has shadow bolt equipped.
I have a few concerns about balance as well:
  • Divine hammers are significantly better than other magic weapons because they bypass armour due to bashing damage. To line up with other blunt weapons in the game, divine hammers should do around 30b damage.
  • Cleric spells in general should probably be doing a lot less damage since they have the heal mechanic. Alternatively, it would be kinda neat having smite and heal as two separate spells; you could make heal a 0 damage thrown weapon using existing code. I'm not sure how the healing code works, but it would be nifty to be able to heal at range by throwing a heal into a group of allies. That would mess up AI clerics, though, and I'm not sure how to get around that.
  • I find magic in general horribly expensive and a bit OP, which makes it feel a bit like pay to win. I think I'd rather spells do less damage and cost less, so magic power is the limiting factor rather than price.
  • Cleric melee weapons healing on hit feels weird. That seems more like a necromantic life stealing weapon thing to me.
  • It would be kinda nifty having cleric and bard camp menu options akin to the mage and necromancy ones to give them a reason to level magic power up to 10. Maybe clerics summon fire elementals or divine avatars, harming themselves channeling so much divine energy, while bards entrance monstrous creatures like ogres and minotaurs and also get hurt because one of the trance attempts failed on the first try and they got clobbered by the critter they were entrancing. :smile:

Thematically, players should have to dedicate themselves to a specific spell type. Right now, there's no reason for any spellcaster to use anything other than divine hammer/smite/fireball regardless of class. The only solution I see to that is separating the requirement skills for them i.e. magic power for wizards, necromancy for necromantic spells, faith (cha) for cleric spells, and performance (cha) for bard spells. Each spell type would have an associated benefit: mages get fireball and golems, necromancers get undead, and clerics get heal. A character using using both cleric heals and fireball would still be possible but a lot more difficult since they'd have to level up both cha and int based skills. Since bards don't get a distinct benefit like other spellcasters, their spell requirements could be lower so they only need performance 4 for Tune II and 6 for Tune III.

There's one minor thing that bugs me about Native and pretty much every mod: manhunters and deserters/outlaws having the same faction colour, and that colour being a muted grey that blends into the background. I usually use tweakMB to make deserters and outlaws hot pink so they stand out more, but I'm hesitant to do that in this case for fear of messing something up.
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Released a new version:

  • New faction: Naserid Sultanate
  • New minor faction: Zemalid Khedivate
  • Abilty to change player faction's color
  • Ability to change player faction culture to minor factions (From camp menu)
  • Minor faction capitals have flags
  • Abilty to change relation with minor factions through cheat menu
  • Salt Miner dialogue fixed
  • Inventory Management is a leader skill again
  • Merchant ships give trade goods as loot
  • Dark Elven Clerics don't wear Saviouran robes anymore
  • Spells have bigger range
  • Companions start with higher Riding skill
  • Ogre weapons crush
  • Dwarves strengthened
  • Three different ship types player can buy
  • Ship consistency (Player has the same ship in every sea battle scene)
  • No more spawning with mounts when choosing "Walk around" at sea
  • Ship icon doesn't change to default player icon when pressed camp at sea
  • Xaerael's intel mission strings updated
  • Undead are boosted
  • Bandit/monster/undead spawn rates increased
  • Two new companions
  • Staff of Necromancy and Skullcutter drain life
  • Mount Dhugor dungeon nerfed
  • Nordeg armor models fixed
  • Various other minor changes
Published a new version on MODDB.

  • Soundtrack update.
  • New companion.
  • Dragon bodies are not lootable anymore.
  • New location: Werewolf Lair
  • Ability to become a werewolf.
  • A passage to Naserid Sultanate to make campaigns easier.
  • Minor banners update.
  • NPC home strings fixed.
  • Lore change: Aejdarian League and Eastern Horde.
  • Sword of War doesn't have a scabbard anymore.
Hi all,

just dl_ed and played some. This is an impressive effort. But I lack the option to disable companion defections. I have thousands of hrs Warband experience from day one and think that this is an imperative. Either that or a companion relation chart to simplify build of stable parties.

Rgds, Oldtimer
Released version 1.00:

  • All races playable. The reason some races are tagged "unplayable" is because you will experience some problems playing them such as gender related string errors, your character not fitting in the notes window, having to use cheat menu to find right items etc.
  • Fixed a bug regarding castle guard troops.
  • New items and a new spell.
  • NPC name changes.
  • Attempted to fix Linux/Mac crash. Please test and let me know.
  • Increased all caster NPCs and troops' power throwing.
  • Updated NPC weapon skills.
  • Strings update.
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Published a new version (1.13). Legacy of the Dragon now works on Linux and Mac too.

  • Banners are centered, placeholder banners replaced with actual ones and some other updates.
  • Linux/Mac compatibility.
  • Occasional leaving a scene crash is fixed.
  • New weapons, armors, mount.
  • New quest: The Grail and the Lance.
  • Aslanian, Baegerian and Tomuzian troops wear their royal colours more.
  • Lore updated.
  • Troops, strings, dialogs, items updated.
  • Noble characters start with a courser.
  • Half-orc lords spawn with steppe chargers.
  • Hints updated.
  • Scenes update.
Hi all,

just dl_ed and played some. This is an impressive effort. But I lack the option to disable companion defections. I have thousands of hrs Warband experience from day one and think that this is an imperative. Either that or a companion relation chart to simplify build of stable parties.

Rgds, Oldtimer
All the companions are okay with each other so the option is not really necessary. You can have every companion in your party without any penalties. It is totally up to your imagination what kind of party you're going to have.
All the companions are okay with each other so the option is not really necessary. You can have every companion in your party without any penalties. It is totally up to your imagination what kind of party you're going to have.

Good to know.

THX for your attn.,

Rgds, Oldtimer
Arcane Library is the official Legacy of the Dragon wiki.

Arcane Library, the official wiki for Mount&Blade: Warband high fantasy module Legacy of the Dragon is now accessible.

It contains information regarding the kingdoms, races, monsters, creatures, factions etc of the game world.

It is still a work-in-progress and I will continue to expand it further.

Also, join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/R8mY82VFG6
Looking nice. Keep in mind that a Wiki is a lot of work to keep maintained.

You also don't need to post it again and again after deleting the old post :wink:
Hi all,

started a somewhat ambitious campaign as Halfling commoner and have a few suggestions:

1. Halflings(and Dwarves) should not be able to ride normal horses. We need ponies, dogs, goats for mounts, maybe wolves. TLD mod is OSP and they have ponies, let`s call them..Shetlanders!

2. TLD has an excellent skill called Wildcraft. It allows you to hide from the enemy. Also OSP.

3. A stealth skill would be nice enabling PC to set up ambushes. Could work like: enemy party suffering less numbers, lower morale and perhaps lowered weapon proficiencies during the fight because of a surprise effect. Maybe Wildcraft could also be used to enable ambushes instead of a separate skill.

This is one seriously good mod. I hope it will be developed further.

Rgds, Oldtimer
Uploaded a new version:

  • Vampires as a separate race.
  • Halflings are a Dwarven subrace now.
  • Some scene updates.
  • Different mission template for player lairs.
  • Some start options are changed.
  • Some menu items are changed.
  • Lahabese are now called Lahabids.
  • Companion lords can recruit troops.

  • Female ghoul skin.
  • New demon skin.
  • High persuasion can help increase lord/vassal relationship. (This is a placeholder for a WIP script I'm going to include in the next version.)
  • Credits update.
  • Minor menu update.
  • Ability to view troop trees from the reports menu.
  • Minor strings, troops and scripts update.
Although it is a rather small update, it will not work with save-games from previous versions.
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I just tried out the mod last night. Pretty good so far, even if it seems a bit amateur in some respects (the modder seems to have learned a LOT during the course of this project), and I'm not put off by the occasional cartoony graphics. The main exception would be the were-creatures, which have oversized "bobble-heads" like some Disney costumes I've seen. The giants look great; although the goblins are a bit goofy looking, but not terrible. The bits and pieces borrowed from other mods like TLD are rather obvious to anyone who's played them, but they fit quite well in this context. Overall, it's a bit rough in spots but good enough, and the underlying lore and consistency are strong enough to make it work.

Balance seems reasonable enough, although a few of the magical effects may be a bit overpowered, a function of the combination of being both high-damage and either Blunt or Piercing. Still, it's nowhere near game-breaking. I have yet to tangle with the undead or dragons, so I can't comment on how that plays out. I suspect that the modder isn't a native English speaker, since a few bits of dialog are rather awkwardly phrased, while other parts are fine. It reads like a translation in spots.

Keep up the good work.
Hi all,

very disappointed that Halflings now are Dwarves of sort. Can`t play as a Halfling female any longer. Not sure if I will continue playing this.

Rgds, Oldtimer

  • Map Update. (Naserid Sultanate controls a larger territory. Various other locations are moved as well to allocate Naserids moving more eastwards. Also, pirate and merchant ships no longer sail to the unreachable far parts of the map.)
  • Lore update. (Mainly due to Naserids moving closer to the Orcs. Now Orcs are influenced by Zakhrans to a degree.)
  • Ragdolls fixed. Races larger than humans now perform the intended animations.
  • Various minor fixes and updates.
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