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Legacy of the Dragon is a high fantasy mod for Mount&Blade: Warband which entirely revamps the map and the lore of the base game.

The mod features a classical high fantasy setting with elves, dwarves, dragons, orcs, goblins, giants, wizards and so on. Legacy of the Dragon inherits most of the gameplay aspects of the base game but offers a new experience in a land of magic. The players will be able to create their characters belonging to one of the 5 fantasy races in addition to humans, cast various kinds of magic, summon undead and demons, practice alchemy and venture into dungeons in search of plunder or glory.

I didn't have any kind of coding experience when I started this project and it was also the first time I ever touched a modeling software. If you go through my post history, you will see all the newbie questions I have asked on modding forums. So, compared to many other fantasy mods you might consider this a little unpolished. However, my technical incapability isn't the only reason for this. I like the graphics and gameplay of the base game as it is and there were times I decreased the quality of the OSP meshes/textures I used to fit in with game's overall graphical quality. So this mod might not be for everyone. Also, at first it started as a personal mod, but a few weeks ago I decided to release it to the public.

The mod is far away from where I wanted it to be on release, but I will not be able to work on it for around a year and I wanted to release it while I can.


Revamped map and lore
6 playable races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Half-elf, Half-orc)
Many other unplayable fantasy races & creatures[
19 new companions (6 humans, 2 elves, 1 dwarf, 2 halflings, 1 half-elf, 2 half-orcs, 2 dark elves, 1 fiendling, 1 ghoul, 1 dragonborn), 3 reworked native companions
Magic (spells are reskinned thrown items at the moment)
Alchemy (early stage, will be updated)
Necromancy - Ability to summon undead
Ability to summon demons
2 dungeons
New locations and minor factions
New fantasy bandit spawns
1 epic quest
Sea battles
Player lairs
Ability to change the culture of player kingdom


The most recent version 0.93 - OST Edition features a new original soundtrack by Orctimus Prime and some minor fixes.

MODDB Download - Changelog



A group of monks surrounded by the undead.


Dwarves against goblins.


Only the thing the dragonkin hates more than mortals is dragonkin belonging to other flights.


Dwarves of Mount Dhugor against a minotaur.


A skirmish between Slaves of the Flame and Mountain Bandits.


Wizards against demons. Wizards are struggling after losing their golem in the first few seconds of the battle.


A goblinoid warband massacring farmers.


The only remnant of the ancient Elven Empire, Sinnebul is a high elven city state on the southern bank of Golden Estuary.


Not so much alike twin cities of Sinnebul and Lahabul from distance.


Skuzow is home to Zarol the Lich, where he trains necromancer acolytes for the Vampire Queen.


Inside the tower of Skuzow, Zarol the Lich and his acolytes.


Entrance to the former dwarven citadel of Mount Dhugor. Today it serves as the lair of the red dragon Tarannax.


A battle between Aslanians and Yarasians.


Up north in Nordegard, you're not considered a man until you kill your first giant.


Arcanice is the seat of the Arcane Brotherhood and home to the only arcane university in Aejdaria. It is forbidden to practice magic without permission from Arcane Brotherhood within the Aejdarian Alliance.


A skirmish between Mistwood Rangers and Dark Elf Slavers.


King Krogor's taking it to the ogre scum.


How many arrows does it take to lay down an ogre?


Wood elven settlement in Mistwood Forest.


Allegedly built on the site where the Saviour slayed the "last" dragon, Church of the Saviour's Return is a pilgrimage destination for pious humans all around Aejdaria.

A group of adventurers trying to shut down a demon portal.


A group of adventurers in a dragon lair. You know what they say, "Slay a dragon or die trying."


A paladin and an unholy knight.


Founded by Zakhuran refugees from the south on the northern bank of Golden Estuary, Lahabul is the only Zakhuran settlement in Aejdaria.


(If I forgot anyone, please let me know)

LOTD Modding Team
Maglubiyet - Lead Developer & Creator
Cherralily - Artistic Director & proofreading

External Credits and Thanks
Orctimus Prime Symphony - Official Soundtrack


kalarhan and gsanders for patiently answering my questions throughout the process

Entire Modding Q&A community

The player kingdom culture change feature was adapted from Diplomacy - Waihti and Diplomacy Modding Team

The Last Days - Merlkir and TLD Modding Team

Narf's Transitional Armour Pack - Narf

Grimage - Furok and Grimage Modding Team

spak_items - Spak

Gothic Items - Dankmar

Hunting OSP & Age of Machinery - Highlander, Ramaraunt, Hypercharge

Steampunk Costumes - -IYI-O-R-T-

Demon - Thane Wulfgharn

Skeleton Army - Barf

The Reckoning OSP - La Grandmaster

Explosion script - Beaver, Duskvoyager, ScreamingCommie

LUCAS' LSP Weapons - Lucas the Benevolent

Sea Battles - Wulf, Ruthven

Gender fix - gsanders

Brytenwalda - Idbil and Brytenwalda Modding Team

Outposts - lumos

Vyrn - Efe Karacar and Vyrn Developing Team

Camel model - xenoargh

Thorgrim's Map Editor - Thorgrim

OpenBRF - mtarini
Heraldic Armor - bogmir

Saracen Armor - dia151

Medieval Armor sets - Full Invasion Team

Flag of Somerset, Ed Woods - HOGWEARD

Dragon vector - openclipart-vectors

Logo text style - arthur

Dragon logo

Dragon Model - ZbrushingMX

Demon of the Shadows - Harrison Baere
https://www.yobi3d.com/q/3D-model/demon, https://www.youmagine.com/designs/demon-of-the-shadows

Bat Vector - freepik

Gold Antique Frame 5 Medieval Painting Frame - Jeanicebartzen27 D

Treasure pile - freepik

D&D ART by LadyofHats (Mariana Ruiz Villarreal)

Lemon Silhoutte

Scrolls - panther-one

Musical note - rock-x

Shields - PSD Graphics

Main Menu - Borkia

Necromancer Loading Screen - The Martian

Dragon Loading Screen - kellepics pixabay

Fire magic textures were derived from the work of Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

Dragon Mountain Escape Menu - Kellepics

Parchment - freepik

Wolves howling vector - Freepik

Spanish Bull - kisspng

guspav and all contributors of Phantasy Calradia and Perisno for creating such influential mods

As I decided to release the mod rather recently, I've been doing some cleaning of non-OSP assets for last few weeks. If I missed one, please PM me and I will delete the download link and remove the assets. If I'm not active on the website, I'm hoping one of the moderators will do the job for me.

Name: Legacy of the Dragon
Version: 0.34
Game version: 1.174
Category: Fantasy, Total Conversion
Short Info: High fantasy mod set in a realm of magic and monsters with its own map and lore and 6 playable races.
Mode: SP
Languages: EN
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First there were dragons...

Although many would disagree on how exactly our world, Ardh was created, legends of almost all the races of Aejdaria unite in one truth: heavens created the dragons first, in their own image, to rule the skies and the land on their behalf.

Lady of the Forest was the first one to realize that although these god-like, gargantuan creatures were perfect in their own way, they weren't doing her perfect creation, the forests justice. So she created the elves to dwell in the forests and to worship her. She taught her children the how to use the resources of the forest to survive without doing any harm and she taught them the way of magic.

However, this angered the Smith. If the Lady could give life to her own children, why couldn't he? So he created the dwarves to carve in the mountains, mine and shape the ore inside.

The Father, as arrogant as he's always been, was craving to outdo both the Lady and the Smith. So he created a race bigger and stronger than both the elves and dwarves: the giants. The plains were the domain of dragons, the forests of the elves and the caverns under the mountains of the dwarves. So he claimed the surface of the mountains, the highlands for his children.

The Elves were the first to stretch the boundaries set down by the heavens. Magically expanding the forests, thus their domain, limiting the living space of both dragons and giants and trapping the dwarves in their caverns which led to the great Elven-Dwarven War. This was the first threat to the divine harmony of our world but elves acknowledged their limits and knew the consequences of their actions. If they were to expand outside their forest, the fury of the heavens would be upon them.

Yet, a clan of giants who were driven out of their home by the growing Elven Empire didn't. Mirroring the arrogance of their creator, they set their gaze on plains, the hunting ground of dragons, ripe with prey and resources definitely more than dragons needed. They left their mountains and settled in the plains.

This transgression, breach of divine harmony shocked all, the heavens, immortal dragons, elves and dwarves. The Father was forced to stop answering the prayers of his wayward children by other gods and this clan of giants were left completely alone in their war against the dragons. Losing the favor of their creator, the first generation of giants born on the plains lacked the grandeur of their parents. They were smaller, weaker and had shorter life spans.

The war between giants and dragons went on for centuries and ended with the victory of dragons until only a handful descendants of the wayward giants remained, twelve females. Being ordered by the heavens to be merciful as it wasn't possible for these pitiful creatures to continue existing, the king of dragons Rahmaxasar, spared the twelve females.

However, a male descendant of the wayward giants had remained alive and regrouped with the females to repopulate their race. Dragons believe it was the Father who tricked other gods and helped his children to survive as one last favor. Thus, twelve tribes of men came into being.



Humans: Descended from the wayward giants who invaded the plains (although Aejdarian Church considers this claim heresy), humans are the most populated race in Aejdaria, most likely in all the world. Although they are one of the younger races and has a short life span than elder races, they dominate the politics of Aejdaria with their various kingdoms.

Until a thousand years ago, they were a race of savages, described as "even worse than orcs" by elves and dwarves, they lived in tribes and were ruled by warlords and petty kings, worshipping demons and even darker beings or nothing at all as they were abandoned by the heavens, raiding each others' territories and tormenting other races with their savage ways as well. However, when the human known as "the Saviour" or the "the First King" united the twelve tribes, rescued the 'thirteenth' from slavery and rallied elves and dwarves to his cause and took the battle to dragons. At this time dragons had already rebelled against the mandate of heavens after they were tricked by the Father and were ravaging everything they could, being kept away from elven forests by strong magic which prevented them from flying over elven forests. Borrowing this magic from elves, Saviour and his followers slayed every dragon they could find in Aejdaria, the Saviour smashing the skull of Rahmaxasar by his hammer himself.

After his victory against dragons, the Saviour ruled humans as their king for a hundred years. His domain extended from one end of Aejdaria to other. However, then he left his kingdom to his oldest heir and sailed west off the Dragon Gulf, where it was rumoured a continent full of dragons. He was deified aftermath his reign, ironically enough, then humans' prayers started to be answered and they could tap into divine magic.

"The Old Kingdom" stayed as the sole sovereign political entity of humans for over seven hundred years until the last king descended from the Saviour died without a heir and the Old Kingdom splitted into tribes, Baegerians to the west and Aslanians to the east, Drukians to the southeast.

There are four major ethnic group of humans known to Aejdarians. The first is themselves, Aejdarians, who descended from the thirteen tribes of men. The second is Nordegs, from the continent of constant winter to the north, Nordegard, who continuously raid the northern Aejdarian coast and the Iyalings and the ruling class of former Yarasia descend from. The third is Uykuns, from Uykunia, the sleeping land to the northeast, covered in snow, who made up the common people of former Yarasia and Drukia and the fourth is Zakhurans, desert dwellers from south, the ethnicity Lahabese belong to.

Humans are the most diverse and ambitious race, making up for their short life spans. No way of life is unknown to humans.


Elves: Created by Lady of the Forest, Elves are a race of slender stature, sharp and thin facial features, they can be told apart by their pointy ears. They are the most skilled in archery and magic. They are the race with longest lifespan with over a thousand years (some scholars claim an elf will live forever unless murdered) thus more likely to be more conservative and resistant to change in their way of life.

Their expanding of the forests have led to the ancient Elven Empire. However, nearly ten thousand years ago rebels led by the avatar of the Lady of the Forest overthrew the ruling elite of the empire and elves retreated back into Mistwood, their original habitat as determined by the heavens themselves. Since then elves lead an isolated life and try to not interfere in the business of other races.

There are three elven subraces. Wood Elves are the closest to the first elves in looks and culturally. As the name indicates, majority of them lives an isolated life in elven forest. High Elves are the ruling elite of the ancient Elven Empire that surrendered to the rebels before the war was over and was let to settle in Sinnebul, on condition that they will not expand to the north of Golden Estuary. Dark Elves are the ruling elite of the empire that kept on the fight until its very end and was exiled to the underworld by Lady of the Forest. They are the anathema of elves, living in underworld cities, often raiding surface to capture slaves to serve them underworld, worshipping the demon sister of the Lady, "Lady of the Underworld", also known as "the Dark Lady".

When dragons became the destructive, ruthless creatures they are today, Lady of the Forest crafted magical "dragon artifacts" that prevented dragons from flying in a certain radius and protected the elven forests.


Dwarves: Created by the Smith, they are one of the elder races. Dwarves have a short, stocky build and they are capable of growing very large breads. They are more resistant to magic, cold and fatigue than other races.

They inhabit the caverns and tunnels in the mountains where they build their mountain cities. They are skilled miners and smiths, mining and shaping the ore of their mountains, it is believed in many dwarven citadels, they carved the ground to the very core of the world.

Dwarven mountain citadels are ruled by Mountain Kings. However this title is meritocratic. Mountain Kings do not get their status by blood but by the consensus of their people and serve until their death.

Mount Dhugor was the only remaining dwarven citadel in Aejdaria until around fifty years ago when a red dragon, Tarannax, drove the dwarves out with the help of his goblin minions and made Mount Dhugor his lair and dwarves were made refugees and scattered all around Aejdaria taking up work as miners and smiths, except for a handful few who stayed around the mountain and formed the Mountain Guard to battle goblins and hopefully take back their home one day.

It is not known how they produce to outsiders as they don't have any females. Some scholars propose they are rocks that came alive.


Halflings: Of a short and slender stature that is somehow reminiscent of human children, halflings are a race of good-natured thieves who possess an inherited good luck.

It is not clear to Aejdarians how they came into being but it is known they originally immigrated to Aejdaria from southern desert-covered continent of Zakhura. Not having a concept of private property unlike other races usually leads them to being persecuted and encountered with wary.

Halflings do not have a homeland in Aejdaria. They can be found anywhere but they usually tend to live in free city-states where the inhabitants tend to be more open-minded than in traditional Aejdarian monarchies.


Half-elves: Descended from a human and elven parents, half-elves resemble both their parents in looks and psychology but can't fit in either society. They have longer lifespans than humans but it isn't nearly as long as that of elves.

Their elven part usually tend to be high elven as high elves live a less isolated lifestyle and fare better in human urban environments. They inherit an innante magical capability from their elven parents.


Half-orcs: Born to orcish and human parents (rarely out of love), half-orcs resemble both of their parents. They are looked down upon by both humans and orcs and it was very hard for an half-orc to reach adolescence until around a hundred years ago when the Kingdom of Piled Skulls which offers half-orcs a safer life and an opportunity to thrive was founded.


Orcs: A race of gray and brown skinned savages, they are of a larger and muscular build than humans. Most of them have red, glowing eyes, prominent jaws with boar-like tusks and pointy ears resembling more of the goblins than of elves. Some scholars group them with other goblinoids but many others refrain from this.

It isn't clear how exactly they came into being but it is generally believed that orcs are native neither to Aejdaria or the world. They worship a "One-Eye God" which is regarded as a major demon by other races, they mostly inhabit the mountains of Aejdaria and have been raiding settlements of other races for since anyone remembers.

The concept of family and marriage and many other aspects of civilization didn't exist among orcs until around a century ago when an orcish chieftain, Krogor the Great of Tribe Shattered Skull united the warring tribes, invaded the mountainous human kingdom of Drukia and founded an orcish kingdom with the name of "Kingdom of Piled Skulls". Since then, orcs of Piled Skulls are trying to lead a more civilized life than their ancestors and kin who refuse to change their old ways.

Demons: Hailing from the hell deep belove the world of Ardh, demons are the servants of the anathema of heavens, dark gods, also known as great demons. They have various subtypes, such as demon princes and imps. Sometimes they are summoned to the world by warlocks and can't be killed while not in hell. Slaying a demon in Ardh will result in sending him back to hell which he will not be able to leave for a hundred years.

Fiendlings: Humans whose blood was tainted by demons. They carry some physical features of the demons such as a red skin, glowing flame eyes, horns and hooves but it changes from individual to individual. They rarely break free of demons' will.

Werewolves and Wererats: Lycanthropes resembling both humans and wolves or rats. They come into being by getting bitten by another lycanthrope and can change back to their original form, but not on will.

Minotaurs: Created by a dark god as a punishment for the residents of the Bull Isle to the west of Aejdaria, minotaurs are large humanoid creatures resembling bulls.


Ghouls: Ghouls were originally humans. It is generally believed they turned into monstrous creatures after eating the decaying flesh of a fellow human. While others claim they were turned into mindless slaves by practitioners of dark magic. Regardless of which claim is true, ghouls are creatures of darkness that feast on human flesh.

Vampires: One of the most feared undead creatures in the world, vampires feed on human blood. Originally they couldn't wander in daylight. But during the rise of the dracolich, they were offered a cure for this disadvantage in exchange for their allegiance. Today most of the vampires are only irritated by daylight.

It is believed in ancient times when giantkin ancestors of humans lost the war to the dragons and all their males were killed, one was raised from the dead by a dark god as a vampire. All vampire clans claim descent from this first vampire.

Vampires refer each other as "kindred".

Undead: Undead are creatures who were raised from the dead by practitioners of dark magic. They tend to mindlessly save their master and do their biding without question. They very rarely break free of their master's will.

Skeletons: These animated skeletons make up the bulk of undead armies.

Liches: Powerful undead creatures who were mostly wizards and necromancers in their previous life. A lich embraces undeath as a form of immortality and unlike other undead, most of the time they become undead by their own choice. Liches store their souls in powerful magical artifacts called "phylactery". It is not possible to truly kill a lich without destroying his phylactery.


Goblins: They are believed to be closest to the original form of goblinoids, hence the name. They are of a short and slender stature with large heads with unproportionally big, pointy ears. Being very numerous, it is believed they could easily take over the world despite their physical and mental limits if not for their infighting.

Hobgoblins: Larger and smarter (roughly the same size and intelligence as humans) kin of goblins. They are rarer than common goblins and they usually serve as warlords in goblinoid warbands, dominating other goblinoids with their higher intelligence.

Bugbears: With roughly the same size as giants and with a body almost entirely covered in thick fur, bugbears are the largest subrace of goblins. They are usually found in company of other goblinoids.


Dragons: First to be created by heavens, they were created in the image of gods. Dragons are powerful magical creatures of gargantuan sizes. After the trickery of the Father to save his children, they abandoned the teachings of the heavens and became the destructive creatures they are known to be today.

They are two types of dragons, Fire Dragons (or Red Dragons) and Ice Dragons (or Blue Dragons), favoring and possessing the power of their respective elements.

The last of the dragons were believed to be slayed by the Saviour on 0. However, in year 333 and 666 the dragons have returned to extract revenge from Aejdarians. Both of the times they were defeated, it is believed by many that they will return on year 999, in greater numbers and it be the final war between dragons and mortal races which will bring the end of the world.

Because of a spell casted on the land of Aejdaria by Lady of the Forest and the Saviour, dragons don't have the ability to fly while in Aejdaria, which makes them weaker but regardless, still deadly foes.

Dracolich: An undead dragon that still retains its powers from its former life and more. There has been one dracolich known to mortals, who led an invasion on Aejdaria circa 920 and responsible for turning much of  Yarasia undead.

Dragonborn: Humanoid creatures who were changed by dragons. They possess some aspects of their dragon masters and mostly found as minions to dragons. There are three type of dragonborn, Red Dragonborn serving Red Dragons, Blue Dragonborn serving Blue Dragons and Black Dragonborn serving the dracolich.


Giants: Created by the Father, giants are one of the elder races. Their natural habitat is the mountains. Resembling humans with but extremely larger sizes, like the other elder races, giants are fading off from Ardh. But they are effected more greatly than other elder races as their life span is getting shorter with each generation, and each generation spawning weaker specimen.

Ogres: Came into being when the consort of the Father affiliated with a dark god. These cousins of giants are weaker and less intelligent than giants. Sharing the same habitat with orcs to the southeast of Aejdaria, ogres have had a long history of wars and alliances with orcs.

Trolls: Created in the same manner as ogres but spawn of a different dark god, trolls have the ability to regenerate their lost limbs (not implemented yet) but they are vulnerable to fire.


Unicorns: Created by the elven deity 'the Lady' to serve her children as mounts and companions, unicorns are magical creatures resembling horse with a single horn on their heads. Elven Knights ride unicorns into battle.

Worgs: Similar to wolves in both looks and manner, though larger and bigger, worgs are magical creatures who often wander in the wilds in packs and sometimes enslaved by orcs or goblins to be used as mounts and wardogs. Unlike other beasts, worgs possess an unnatural high intelligence which makes some of them able to speak goblinoid, common or orcish.


Beginning of tenth century shaped the political landscape of Aejdaria greatly. First, circa year 900 an orcish chieftain with the name of Krogor united warring tribes of orcs and led them on a crusade against human kingdom of Drukia in southeast Aejdaria and founded the orcish kingdom of Piled Skulls, Aejdarian kingdoms abandoned their internal disputes and united against the orcish threat, which was how the "Aejdarian Alliance" founded.

Circa year 920, Aejdaria have faced an even greater threat. The Dracolich and his minions invaded the principilaties of Yarasia and turned most of its residents to undead. He enlisted the vampire clans of Yarasia to his cause as well. His goal was to eradicate all forms of life from Aejdaria, which led the Aejdarian Alliance and the orcs to unite against the Dracolich. With his vampire servants' betrayal when they realized eradicating the life meant also removing any possibility of prey for them, the Dracolich has fallen.

This and the weariness off all sides led to stalemate between Aejdarians and orcs and the new vampire overlords of Yarasia. Yarasia and the Piled Skulls seeing their very existence will be danger when Aejdarian Alliance recovers from the war against the dracolich, formed their own alliance, commonly called "Eastern Concordat".

As the threats that caused the Aejdarian Alliance and Eastern Concordat faded over time, the weaker the alliances has become. Although not officially disbanded, in year 999, member kingdoms of both alliances might face their former allies in battle.


From left to right: Kingdom of Aslania, Kingdom of Baegeria, Tomuzian Federation, Kingdom of Iyalings

Kingdom of Aslania: One of the kingdoms that was founded after the fall of the Old Kingdom, original territory of Aslania contained the entire area from the Eye of the Dragon (the lake resembling the eye in the middle of the continent) to the west to former Drukia and Yarasia. The capital of the kingdom is Leonfair, the seat of King Leonnas the Just. Aslania is a hereditary monarchy. Claimant to the throne of Aslania is Eloisa of Dragonburg. Their special troop is "Knight of the Lion", a paladin.

Kingdom of Baegeria: Another kingdom that was founded after the fall of the Old Kingdom. Baegeria originally contained the area between Eye of the Dragon and the northern mountains. The capital of the kingdom is Etalon, the seat of King Equas IV. Baegeria is a hereditary monarch as well. Claimant to the throne of Baegeria is Chevalas the Impostor. Their special troop is "Knight of the Stallion", a paladin.

Tomuzian Federation: Founded after a series of peasant rebellions in kingdoms of Aslania and Baegeria, it is founded in Tomuzian Highlands, former territorities of both kingdoms. Tomuzia is an elective monarchy where the Highlords are elected from the tribunes, the local elected rulers. Although it was founded after rebellions against nobility, over time Tomuzia became the same as their overlords as most of these positions tend to be held by nobles. Capital of Tomuzia is Hightown, the seat of Highlord Kaechen. Claimant to the mantle of highlord is Laruno of Vineburg. Their special troop is 'Tomuzian Spellsword'.

Kingdom of Iyalings: Founded by Nordeg settlers from the northern continent of Nordegard. Iyalings, a clan of Nordegs, mixed with the local population of northern Aejdaria and today they resemble both Nordegs and Aejdarians culturally. The capital is Beorgoth, the seat of King Beorvar the Bold. Claimant to the throne of Beorgoth is Kolbaen the Wise. Their special troop is "Nordeg Berserker".

Rulers of Aejdarian Alliance, from upper left to bottom right: Aslania, Baegeria, Tomuzia, Iyalings


From left to right: Kingdom of Yarasia, Kingdom of Piled Skulls

Kingdom of Yarasia: Founded after the defeat of the Dracolich with his former vampire servants grasped the power. Vampire Queen freed the minds of the undead minions of the Dracolich, but many would claim they're still serving another master or mistress to be more specific, just as mindlessly. The capital of Yarasia is Dreadburg, the seat of power of Queen Waladeslawa the Undying. Claimant to the throne of Yarasia is Prince Wojteh of the Shroud. Their special troop is "Yarasian Necromancer".

Kingdom of Piled Skulls: Founded on the territory of former Kingdom of Drukia, Kingdom of Piled Skulls came into existence when King Krogor the Great of Tribe Shattered Skull united the warring orcish tribes and invaded the human kingdom. Orcs of Piled Skulls are on their way of the civilization, although they face resistance from both outside and within. The capital is Shattered Skull, the seat of King Krogor V. Claimant to the throne of Piled Skulls is Vaazu Gouged Eye. Their special troop is "Orc Shaman".

Rulers of Eastern Concordat, from left to right: Yarasia, Piled Skulls


From left to right: Church of the Saviour's Return, Arcane Brotherhood, Elves of Mistwood, Dwarves of Mount Dhugor, Tradeford, Cult of the Unburied, Sinnebul, Temple of the Flame, Adventurers' Guild, Thieves' Guild

Church of the Saviour's Return: Main religious body of Aejdaria that existed since the deification of the Saviour in the second century. The church is located on the tip of Dragonwood, where the Saviour allegedly killed the last dragon. Archpriest Taotthas leads the church and the clerics and inquisitors of the church can be found anywhere in Aejdaria. They wage an eternal crusade against any faction of undead and anyone they deem heretic. They believe the year 999 will witness the return of the first king of Aejdaria, "the Saviour" and he will lead Aejdarians in the final war.

Arcane Brotherhood: Roughly as old as the Old Kingdom, Arcane Brotherhood was first founded as the "thirteenth tribe" when the Saviour saved the human slaves whom dragons were planning to turn into dragonborn. Although the process was interrupted, these humans retained some sort of magical capability. They were trained by elven mages in the way of arcane. Archwizard Arcanus leads the brotherhood from his tower in Arcanice, the seat of power of Arcane Brotherhood and the only arcane university in Aejdaria.
Elves of Mistwood: Still led by the avatar of their goddess, the Lady of the Forest, Mistwood Elves live in their ancient homeland. They lead an isolated life where they rarely interact with outsiders, but are willing to defend their forest to death against anyone who would do her harm.
Dwarves of Mount Dhugor: Citizens of the only remaining dwarven citadel in Aejdaria, the dwarves of Mount Dhugor lost their home to a red dragon nearly a century ago. The last mountain king to rule in Mount Dhugor was Dhugor, who was made a refugee along with many of his people who survived. Although most of the dwarven race is scattered throughout Aejdaria, there is still a handful few, the Mountain Guard, who remain on the slopes of Mount Dhugor, leading the war against goblins and hoping one day they will reclaim their home.
Tradeford: Tradeford is an independent city state located between the kingdoms of Aslania, Yarasia and Iyalings. Ruled by Lord Rudolf, who was elected by the people of Tradeford, the city is home to many adventurers, mercenaries and the like.
Cult of the Unburied: The secret organization of necromancers that worships the Dracolich as the dark god of undeath, its headquarters is located to the west of Yarasia. Tower of Skullzow, which is believed to be the phylactery of the dracolich himself, hosts the lich Zarol and his acolytes.
Sinnebul: Only remaining settlement of high elves. After the fall of the Elven Empire, rebel wood elves let a group of high elves remain in Sinnebul. It is located on the southern bank of the Golden Estuary. The city is home to both high elves and humans who settled in the city from Tomuzia.
Temple of the Flame: Located in the city of Lahabul across Sinnebul on the northern bank of the Golden Estuary, the temple was built by Zakhuran refugees fleeing from the Lich Pharaoh who has invaded most of the desert continent. Lahabese worship flames and led by the Flame Prophet Amaan. It is blaimed their faith is a result of the undead menace that has threatened Zakhura more than any other for centuries, as flame is the most secure cure for undeath.
Adventurers' Guild: Located in various cities in Aejdaria, Adventurers' Guild offers a home and place to regroup to many adventurers of Aejdaria.
Thieves' Guild: An organization of thieves and spies. Although banned in everywhere in Aejdaria except for Lahabul, Thieves' Guild is believed to be active and working all throughout Aejdaria in a rather sinister fashion.


Classes currently only determine the starting stats and equipment. In future updates an actual class system might be introduced.

Fighter: A master of meelee weapons and war who takes most of the damage on the battlefield to protect those who hide behidnd your shield.

Mage: Whether you're a wizard, sorcerer, necromancer, warlock or shaman, you cast spells that break havoc in your enemies' lines and protect your friends.

Cleric: You are the mortal representative of your god on the world. Leading those around you to your truth and protecting them on the battlefield with your divine spells.

Rogue: Hiding in the battlefield, waiting for an opportunity to strike your enemies from behind. You are a master of thievery, able to steal a pouch from under the nose of many wary foe.

Paladin: A melee weapon holding hero who can occasionally cast divine spells. Championing the cause of your god, upholding the law and helping those in need.

Ranger: At one with nature, the wilderness is where you feel most comfortable. Your talent with the bow and your tracking and pathfinding skills are unmatched.

Barbarian: Wielding a heavy two-handed weapon and wearing light-to-medium armor, you break your enemies' line with sheer brutal force and ferocity.

Bard: You compose and play songs that uphold the spirits of your comrades and deal damage to your enemies.


Section Moderator
Well, this has to be one of the most elaborate upcoming mod posts in the last few years. Looks like you put in some real effort, and it's good to see some in-game screenshots and functioning aspects too. Best of luck!


Wow, the number of races!  and the universe seems very rich and well elaborated. Good luck.


Section Moderator
Is including one of the OSPs/LSPs to visually enhance the environment planned down the road? Took a while to get used to seeing Native ground textures again.


Community Manager
Well then, this looks promising  :iamamoron:

If you haven't joined the modding discord yet where you can chat with other M&B modders feel free to do so: https://discordapp.com/invite/f3vWkJs

Good luck with the project!


BNS Marko said:
Well, this has to be one of the most elaborate upcoming mod posts in the last few years. Looks like you put in some real effort, and it's good to see some in-game screenshots and functioning aspects too. Best of luck!

I second this sentiment.

I would love to give this a spin in its current form and will be keeping my eye on this for sure.


Thanks everyone!

fladin said:
Wow, the number of races!  and the universe seems very rich and well elaborated. Good luck.

Thanks, man. I see you have your own mod going, so you probably know the drill. The game limits number of races to 16, so many races are retextured version of another. I kind of want to add quadruped monsters at some point too, but I really don't know how to do it. Not sure if it's even possible.

BNS Marko said:
Is including one of the OSPs/LSPs to visually enhance the environment planned down the road? Took a while to get used to seeing Native ground textures again.

I actually tried adding a ground texture pack the other day but didn't like it much. If I can I tend to replace those with native ones in the mods I play too. The problem I have with them, first they are too dark, second they are too high quality for the general graphical quality of the mod. At the moment, I'm trying to achieve a harmony within the assets, even if it's a harmony in mediocrity. Actually there were times I decreased the quality of an OSP item to fit in the mod better. But if you have any packs to suggest, I'd like to check them out, maybe I missed one.

William The Bear said:
Well then, this looks promising  :iamamoron:

If you haven't joined the modding discord yet where you can chat with other M&B modders feel free to do so: https://discordapp.com/invite/f3vWkJs

Good luck with the project!

I just did, thank you.

adrakken said:
I would love to give this a spin in its current form and will be keeping my eye on this for sure.

I'm a Phantasy veteran myself, actually thinking about it I should add guspav to the credits because I started working on LOTD because I could modify Phantasy only to a certain level with .txt tinkering.

Phantasy was a great influence on this mod, so as a fellow Phantasy player, I'm thinking you're probably going to like LOTD too.


Sergeant at Arms
First you showed a great effort and passion and that's what made your mod good
Second i like how you build up your world and back story
Third you should keep up this fantastic work and your mod will even be better and we get to enjoy it more
So good luck


Maglubiyet said:
I'm a Phantasy veteran myself, actually thinking about it I should add guspav to the credits because I started working on LOTD because I could modify Phantasy only to a certain level with .txt tinkering.

Phantasy was a great influence on this mod, so as a fellow Phantasy player, I'm thinking you're probably going to like LOTD too.

You're such a tease  :oops: :fruity:


Maglubiyet said:
I kind of want to add quadruped monsters at some point too, but I really don't know how to do it. Not sure if it's even possible.

I suggest you look at how the TLD mod implemented Wargs. Quadrupeds need to be rigged to the horse skeleton, making them mounts. To turn them into troops in their own right they need an invisible rider who is controlled by Warband's ai.


This is an early release, you can consider it as an alpha version as it is far from where I wanted it to be on release. However, in two days I have to join the military and won't be able to work on the mod for between six months and a year. So I wanted to release it before I leave. Thus, some aspects of the mod were rushed. Strings and dialogues aren't proofread, many features I wanted to have it on release aren't there yet. However, for me it's playable and fun, hoping some of you will feel the same way.

Hopefully I'll work on your suggestions, bug reports etc when I get back from the military. I probably won't be able to reply to the posts here either.



Thanks for your service (no, doesnt matter which country you are serving the military in) and stay safe!


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When i try to start a new game, it lags at loading map file and just crashes to desktop, anyone had something similar?


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Maglubiyet said:
This is an early release, you can consider it as an alpha version as it is far from where I wanted it to be on release. However, in two days I have to join the military and won't be able to work on the mod for between six months and a year. So I wanted to release it before I leave. Thus, some aspects of the mod were rushed. Strings and dialogues aren't proofread, many features I wanted to have it on release aren't there yet. However, for me it's playable and fun, hoping some of you will feel the same way.

Hopefully I'll work on your suggestions, bug reports etc when I get back from the military. I probably won't be able to reply to the posts here either.

Good luck bro i have been there We'll enjoy your mod till you come back
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