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Hello everyone. I have almost conquered all of Calradia and faced such a problem.
I started playing for the empire and in each defeated kingdom I lured the clans to myself, leaving only one ruling clan to the losers, which was destroyed automatically after a while.
I've lure all the clans of the North/Western/Southern Empire, Battania, Sturgia and Khuzait's (except for the ruling one), as well as several clans in Vlandia.
My problem is that now I have begun the conquest of the Sultanate of Aserai and I cannot lure any of their clans to myself. I have tens of millions gold, relationships with all lords 98-100.
At the moment, there are 51 clans in my kingdom (along with mine). As I understand it there is a limit of the kingdom's clans in the game 50? Because even with cheats, I couldn't lure any of the Aserai and the remaining Vlandian clans.
My experience is that once you have a certain amount of clans, lords just stop letting you have the recruitment dialogue because the amount of money they would need is increased to an unreasonable amount. However for me this seemed to happen at around 20 clans, so if you were able to keep recruiting with your large fortune, maybe there is a hard limit too, or maybe it has to do with them being the last enemy faction. You should still be able to create more clans from wanderers though.
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