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We're a Full Invasion 2 (Mod for Mount and Blade: Warband) clan that was created a year ago, we have grown and now have 120+ members. Feel free to add "Gamling", our king, on steam or hop on our TeamSpeak (TS Address: and speak to us about joining.

There is an age requirement of 14 for the clan, as while we don't mind some messing around and banter, we want to keep a modicum of maturity in our group.

Here's a template application message for you to copy+paste and fill in, just reply to this topic with your applications and one of our moderators will look it over shortly.

Preferred name:
Steam username:
How many hours you've played M&B: Warband:
Past experience (If applicable):
Skill level (Rate yourself out of 10) :
Times when you're most active:

We will reply to your posts as soon as possible. Remember you can always ask our King on steam (Steam ID mentioned above) to join, or simply join our TeamSpeak (Address posted above) and ask an officer there.
Here is our forum to aplly ask us questions:
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