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Items disappearing on co-op (bryz 1.41, current WSE, dedicated server)

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For some reason SOMETIMES, most of the times really, but not always, the weapons on some or all characters that are controlled in battle by someone (a player) disaper after transitioning to multiplayer, and when using the battle results they disappear from the campaign too.
even when battling sometimes you're left with just one set of weapons (shield and one handed, 2handed, bows an arrow, etc) and the rest of the weapons on the other 2 slots just vanishes.

Anybody had this issue?

BTW, i compiled this build of brytenwalda with 1 companion extra made by me, my friend didn't since we were playing on a save that didn't include that companion.
but the fact is that I don't know if thats the cause since sometimes the characters does spawn in battle with everything they had, on those situations, the weapons do come back on the campaign

Thanks in advance.


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You and your companion need same files. A companion mean changes in troop.txt, scripts.txt and strings.txt. This mean that your version and your friend's version wont work bad.

In the other hand, I amnt sure about WSE and latest Brytenwalda version. Maybe you need to apply latest WSE changes in Brytenwalda module system.

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